Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Project - Week 21: A Breath Away

This week we:

  • Had the bath counters installed and we set the sinks, after installing the faucets.
  • Planted two shrubs and some flowers. Two of my favorites: Hopflower Oregano and Kentzley's Ghost honeysuckle. Then, we found another beautiful honeysuckle and a peony...yup, we had to buy them. They are waiting to be planted.
  • Dipped the paint brushes in various colors to touch up walls, doors and baseboards.
  • Put up three shelves in the master closet.
  • Put back the switch covers on light switches and outlets as well as grills for air returns. I also reinstalled the blinds in the master bedroom and bath.
  • Had our master bedroom carpet installed.
  • Found 'way cool' mirrors for the Master Bath and put in some pendant lights.
  • Sprayed weeds and pulled weeds...again!
  • Took time off to play - woohoo! I got to ride in a carriage for a fun day, watch some eventing and play with my ponies - I forgot what it was like when we didn't work almost 24/7 on our 'project'!
  • Installed the toilet...but I may have broken it. One of the bolts connecting the tank to the base was dripping. I tightened it... it made a bad sound. I've turned the water off and will probably take it apart this week to see what I can see! Oh well, we I wanted a new toilet anyway!
  • Met with the guy who will be redoing our exterior. The house has masonite siding which has begun to take on moisture and swell in some areas. Other areas are fine. But, the bid for residing just the bad parts of the house was just about the same as residing the entire house in cement type boards. We are having the gable ends sided with a cedar shake look. We are also putting in one large garage door instead of the two too small ones. The work will begin on the 21st of June.
  • Decided that we would take on the job of painting the exterior of the house to cut back on the expense. My practical hubby figured out that we can do the bulk of the painting as the boards are on the ground - then just touch up nail marks, smudges, etc. So..... yikes! We have to decide on colors, and soon! I want to get some samples and try painting the gables with different options so we can stand back and look - I almost feel like soliciting 'votes' from folks driving by the house!
  • Found a fantastic "color visualizer" program at Sherwin Williams. It allows you to upload a photo of your home, mask different areas and change the paint colors. So, below are some samples. Which one(s) do you like best? I put up a poll on the side bar. I would love it if you took a minute to give me your opinions!!

 This is the house as it currently exists:

Here's the house in a putty color:

Here's a smokey blue version:

I call this one clay:

This is the green option:

 Here is our finished bedroom:

And part of the finished bath.


  1. My heart went pitter-patter over the putty color.

  2. I liked all options EXCEPT the clay color. But remember, Bacot says that I have "no taste".


  3. Sounds like you guys are getting really close to being finished the big renos! Your bedroom and bathroom look great - you guys have good taste in colour, so I'm sure you'll make the right choice!

    I have to say, I really like the putty colour for the exterior and clay was the only one I didn't really like at all...

  4. All the house colors are great! I don't know how you'll decide. I myself am terrible at that.
    What a beautiful home!!

  5. Hi Cyndi--
    I agree with everyone else--any color except the clay. I would suggest that whatever color you use, you adjust the trim color--put more red in it instead of the brown. Red would be a wonderful color with any of the wall colors.

  6. What about barn red? Come on, I can be a trend setter. Too bold? Ok, well, I like the smokey blue best, putty and green come in 2nd and 3rd and clay dead last.
    It's such a cute house, any color will look great.
    I helped a painter paint our entire house inside and out. It was great because he taught me how to do everything like a pro. I would recommend buying a paint sprayer from a paint store. We got one that was a retired rental. It had only been used a dozen times and was about 1/3 the price. I had a friend that did this and sold hers on ebay when finished for more than she paid for it. I keep mine around for all the fence painting. It's wonderful!

  7. I was really torn between putty & green, but voted for green. But know that either green or putty looks great to my eyes!!

  8. Camryn said to vote for the putty since it's the color of our house. She says green second as it's the color of grass!


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