Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Squaaawwwkkkk! Killdee! Killdee! Hey, you! Look at me! I'm over here....

Oh my God, Killdee! Killdee! Come quick. I've hurt myself. You can catch me so easily...

No, no, no... Killdee! Killdee! Come here. Look, I'm walking in the road. I can't fly...

No, Killdee! Killdee! Come this way. Oh, ouch, aachhh.... I think I'm gonna die. This is your chance to catch me...

Ma was right. A bird ought not to play in the road. Killdee! Killdee! Aachhh, I've been struck by a car....

Mom and Dad sure go to great lengths to keep us safe.
They should win Oscars for their acting!

Shhhh! Don't move. Those people are looking for us.


  1. Aw, the babies are adorable. I hope momma looks both ways before faking her injuries in the street.

  2. What a wonderful story told with pictures. And, the ending was just perfect!

  3. So cute! We have nesting horned larks - not quite as dramatic, but close.

  4. So cute. What is it about seeing birds in nests that we just love.

    Cindy Bee


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