Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ctrl Z

So... I'm kinda busy this morning week . I haven't posted in a few days. I want to throw something up on the blog,  So... I go into my list of "Drafts". Perhaps you are like me in that you have started dozens of posts and they are waiting in your draft pile to be tweaked and put on the blog?

Well, I pulled up one of my favorites. It needed a bit of work. Of course, I do want it to look right. I clicked to add some description. The 'click' didn't go where I wanted. I used Ctrl Z to 'undo' my move. I hit Ctrl Z one too many times and POOF my post was gone! Blogger, with it's marvelous auto save feature saved the blank page. Oh no! Well, that wasn't that great a post anyway. I'll go find something else. OK. Here's something that will work. Let me make a change. No, I don't like that. Ctrl Z. Let's undo that edit. Ooops. Did it again. I hit Ctrl Z  too many times. Here is my blog post:

You know, Ctrl Z is mighty powerful. I wish it worked in other ways:
  • leaving the barn door open; Ctrl Z
  • burning the peas; Ctrl Z
  • driving too fast and having a chat with the officer; Ctrl Z (just kidding!)
I bet there are a few folks out there who wish THEY had a Ctrl Z function, most recently,
  • Anthony Wiener tweeting 'the' picture; Ctrl Z
So, when might you have used Ctrl Z?


  1. haha! loved this, I definitely have posts drafted and waiting for tweaks!

  2. Never heard of Ctrl Z, but I don't create draft posts either. But if I could use the Ctrl Z command in real life, I would have used it immediately after I was kicked by my horse. That would have been really nice. :)

    Cute post.


  3. Hmmm. Ctrl Z . . . what would I use it on. . . good question - it's like a Do-Over . . .
    You know what? If I could back a million years, I would NOT sell my 2 horses when my parents said I was so involved in school that my horses had to go. I would have given up the "popular crowd" and all the extra-curricular activities and kept my horses instead of loosing them in the horses-sold-black-hole. It still wakes me up at night!!!
    Sorry - that was kindof a sad Crtl Z. After my blog post today, it's just the way my brain's thinking.
    I appreciate your blog!!

  4. Never heard of it but it could come in handy.

    Thanks for commenting on my post, I could not reply directly to you. You leave such wonderful comments but with no reply blogger, I cannot answer. Please do not think I ignore you, I am delighted.

  5. Ok so from now on i will NEVER EVER (yeah, yeah i know never say never) hit the Crtl Z!

    I normaly write my posts first in word. if i like it then i transfer it to blogger. find it a bit more "safe" to do it that way...

    Hope next posting will go more smooth!


  6. TOO FUNNY! Control Wei...ner. Yeah, I am pretty sure he wishes he could undo that mess.


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