Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pippin's POV: HESF = Hungry Equine Seeking Food

Here I am in all my glory - decorated in mud dapples. My Mrs. Owner wasn't impressed. I don't think she understands just how hard it is to splash mud up onto your rump when we've hardly had any rain! After all of that work, darn if she didn't brush them off. Geesh!

Anyway, I am seeking food - always. You know, I have to keep my 'apple rump' in shape... and that takes groceries!

I think this new house thing is getting to my Mrs. Owner. She's been acting kinda strange. You know how important R-O-U-T-I-N-E is to horses, don't you? Apparently she hasn't read that chapter. Just the other day things were going just like normal. Shortly after it got light I began staring at the house, willing my Mrs. Owner to come to the barn to feed me. She finally came, dragging that stupid little predator with her. I snorted at the predator when he stuck his nose in my stall, and then turned my rump to him. He doesn't get it. Some day I'll have to show him what THAT is all about! I got my measley morning pile of hay. Then later my Mrs. Owner came down and gave me the pittance that is supposed to last me all day. Hah! If she only knew that within minutes of her being gone that hay is almost as gone as she is. Then I waited. I swatted flies with my tail. I waited. I chewed on the trim of the barn door. I waited. I got on my knees and stuck my nose under the fence as far as it would go to try to get a nibble of grass. I waited. I played with Doc. Now, here is where things went awry. Finally, my Mrs. Owner's car came down the road. And, like always, down she comes to the barn. This is the time I love. This is when my Mrs. Owner lets me and Doc out to the pasture. That green grass is so wonderful. You have no idea how painful it is to stand in a sandy pen and stare at that grass all day. So, my Mrs. Owner puts on my halter...that's a bit unusual, but sometimes she does take us to Mr. Ben's pasture. Then she takes me into the round pen; again, a bit unusual, but sometimes she lets us go out of the round pen into the pasture beyond it. She lets me go. Yippee! I'm free! I run and run and run. I am looking for the door to the pasture. The doors are all closed. Surely if I run some more I will find the open door. There isn't an open door. My Mrs. Owner is making me do some work. ('work' IS a four-letter word, you know!) This is NOT part of the routine. I do not do work when I am supposed to be out grazing. But my Mrs. Owner had that string on a stick thing and she kept insisting that I do things I didn't particularly care to do. What is wrong with that lady?!!

Oh, my Mrs. Owner wanted me to point out that she has two new followers, whatever that is. 

First is Minus Pride. This lady writes a blog about her experiences with her new horse, Sugar. Both Minus Pride and Sugar are younger than my Mrs. Owner and me.

Our other new follower is Linda Benson at Equestrian Ink - Writers of Equestrian Fiction. Linda writes all kinds of things about horses. She even writes books. Maybe she'll write a book about me!

Hay, followers, could you make a call to the Human Society(sic) and tell them about how badly my Mrs. Owner is treating me!

Oh, and don't forget to vote on the best house color for the new house (see the post below and the poll on the right).


  1. That is one talented horse! I love reading Pippin's view!!

  2. How funny you are Pippin! Don't you know Mrs. is making you a better horse with that stick and string? Besides you have to keep that apple rump in shape, right?

  3. Yay! I got mentioned in a post! lol Sugar is just a baby!! I think Pippin taught Sugar the art of chewing when bored...it's Sugar's favorite hobby!!!

  4. Samson, the Samoyed Pup Says: Oh, boy, I thought only us dogs had to suffer with our food within reach, yet so far, far away! And I didn't know horses got to walk on a leash too.

  5. Poor Poor Pippin!!! Rosie thinks my stick with string is a fishing pole leaves me manure piles to catch.


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