Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Project - Week 20: This 'n That

This week we:

  • Really, truly entertained! A High School friend and her husband were in the area. They wanted to see our project house and we treated them to brunch: yummy quiche, rhubarb cobbler and fruit salad. Oh, we did take up two more chairs so all four of us could sit down at one time!
  • Grouted and sealed the master bath floor. The tiling in the bathroom is finished. There is no one quite so happy about that as me!!!
  • Installed the shower column. Because of the configuration of the 2x4's in the wall we couldn't install a shower system with body jets, different sprays, etc. unless we tore out the existing shower and started over at great expense. But we found this unit.  We also have installed the shower doors. My hubby couldn't wait a day or week longer. He brought up some soap, we had towels and he tested the shower. He said it was heavenly!
  • Transplanted my blackberry lilies. The original plant was given to me by a very good friend over 25 years ago. I successfully nurtured children and grandchildren of the first plant. At the last-minute I grabbed a shovel and a plastic pot and dig up one of the plants before we left SC. Little did I know that the plant is very adaptable and can survive here! So, after three years in the ground here, I dug it up and planted it at our new home.
  • Coerced our son to help us put up dog fence and a gate. Only a few hundred more feet and another gate to go! (But the dumpster has to be moved before we can finish that project... yet another example of to do A you must do B, but to do B you must to C and C can't be don't until A is done. Arghh!)
  • Finally finished cementing the fake stones back onto the fireplace surround. When the house flooded I guess the water weakened the mortar and some stones fell off. We are still missing a long stone that I will need to find - that will be a challenge for the future.
  • All of the baseboard is in place, except for the front foyer which still needs to be tiled. I spent a good part of the weekend on my knees caulking, filling holes and painting the baseboard. Have I mentioned that I hate baseboard!
  • Cut the yard. Hubby's self-purchased Father's Day gift is a self-propelled lawn mower for trimming the hilly areas and small areas where the tractor can not go. We also sprayed more thistle, cut more thistle and dug up more thistle. The root system on the thistles is amazing! It will take years before we finally discourage it from growing!
  • Bought bunny fence and began to fence off some roses that the bunnies won't leave alone. Maybe now they can grow and not have all of their new leaves mowed down by hungry bunnies! (We have at least one bunny living in our downspout drain. He's about the size of a very small guinea pig, or a big hamster. Cute! I haven't been able to get a picture as he darts back into the drain the minute he hears any unusual the whirrrrr of a camera focusing!)
Blackberry Lilies

 The yard is mowed.
It is hard to tell, but there is a very
steep bank on the left of the driveway.
Most of the grass in this area was left long because it
is a bit too steep and too large an area to mow and
we will be turning the horses out there occasionally.

Tucker approves of the stones I replaced 
on the fireplace surround.

 This is the nifty shower unit and glass doors.
The unit has body sprays, a rain sprinkler
and a hand-held sprayer.

Here is our dining room with baseboards.
Now, I have to touch up the paint where the
caulk smeared above the baseboard.
Of course, then I'll have to touch up the
baseboard where I slop paint on it.
It's a never ending circle!

I hope you all have a great week. 
What projects are keeping you busy?


  1. Wow the house project is coming along great! I've missed some updates, and can see how far you've come. It's really nice, love the shower!

  2. Your house looks great.

    Seriously? What projects are keeping me busy? Where should I start?

    Cindy Bee

  3. The high school friend and her husband are so impressed with all the work you've done, and we're honored to be the first people entertained in the new house. Thanks again,



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