Saturday, June 4, 2011

Welcome New Followers & Weekend Plans

Welcome to my blog Deanna and Marina.

Deanna writes "My Country Genes". She honors her grandfather with her blog. He immigrated from Norway in the early 1900's and farmed on the border of North Dakota and Montana. His house is pictured on Deanna's blog - imagine the stories it could tell! I love that Deanna has a Norwegian Fjord! How perfectly fitting!

Marina is from Belarus and sells Real Estate. Her Real Estate site is at: Весь спектр предложений недвижимого имущества  and can be translated using Google translate. I must confess that it did take me a few attempts to figure out what language that was!

I love that we can connect to people around the world so easily. Wouldn't it be fun to visit blog friends in other countries some day?

I have been having trouble leaving comments on some blogs. If I've missed commenting on your's, I'm sorry - it's not for lack of trying! Last week I was able to fix the strange login request that left me anonymous. This week, I can see the comment box or space, but can't click in it to write anything. Anyone else having this problem? Is my blog that way for any of you? If so, please shoot me an email at iteachcerra at gmail dot com.

The weekend is here - Hooray! So, what will I be doing? Hmmm...sinking nails, puttying nail holes, painting, planting, painting, putting up blinds. B-O-R-I-N-G!!

Hmmm, maybe I should paint the ponies...

My son painted Doc last year....
I have some leftover paint....
I have some brushes....

So, maybe you have more exciting plans and I can enjoy the weekend vicariously through you! What will you be doing? Anything more exciting than my plans?


  1. Love the paint job!!!

    I have also had troubles with commenting. I have unchecked, "stay signed in" and it seems to fixed my problem.

    I am now following My Country Genes. Love that horse!

  2. ditto on the uncheck the box. it worked for me too.
    cute paint!

  3. Yes to what Gail said. I did the same thing and it worked for me.

    As for this weekend, gosh your weekend sounds like mine. B o r i n g...we hung drywall today. And then, at around 4:30 I came home to shower and laid on the bed to cool off, and fell asleep until 6:30! We were going to go out to eat and to a movie, but we are having HORRIBLE storms right now and flooding, roads are closed and trees are down. So we opened a can of soup and had cheese and crackers and I'm sitting here trying to catch up on blogs.

    Cindy Bee

  4. Wow! Thanks for the shout out!! I really appreciate that! About my Fjord- I do like to picture that my precious Grandpa used horses just like her when he farmed in Norway before coming over to the USA in 1906.
    LOVE the paint job on your horse!! Too funny!! I saw that first before reading your post and I gotta say - I was wondering if you have come kind of zebra/horse cross??!! Haha!!


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