Monday, June 6, 2011

Pippin and Doc's Excellent Adventure

Hay, Doc. Will you look at this?
Our Mrs. Owner left the stall door open
just a bit while she came into the
paddock to give us some hay.

No kidding. Let me see. 
Move your butt for a minute. 
Hay.... will you look at that? 
Not only did she leave the stall door ajar,
but the barn door is open too.

Let's go take a look.
Nom-on-nom-on-om .... mmmm .... grass!

You're in my way...AGAIN!
MOVE! I want to eat some grass too.

Uh, oh. We've been discovered.
Here comes our Mrs. Owner.

She doesn't look too happy. 
Should we go back inside?

And give up all of this grass?
No way... I'm out of here....

I'm right behind you.

And so, my dear readers, a lively chase ensued. 
Mrs. Owner had grabbed halters and lead ropes. 
She found the boys in the front yard. matter how calmly and quietly she approached
they weren't going to be caught!
They were having none of that.
They were enjoying their excellent adventure.
So, off they ran, out the driveway and down
the street (luckily it is a dirt cul-de-sac)
and into Miss Vicki's yard.
Tails in the air and blowing snorts to the wind.
Ahhh... they made a tactical error.
Miss Vicki's yard is a dead end!
As they were racing around Miss Vicki's  house
to the back yard, along comes Mr. Ben and Miss Vicki
to help round up the recalcitrant ponies.
Because the back yard is fenced, the ponies can only
exit where Mr. Ben is standing, waving his arms,
or where Mrs. Owner is standing spinning a lead rope.
Oh well... the grass is nice - they ate.
Then, tactical error number two.....

Pippin, it's all your fault.
If you weren't such a food hog we
wouldn't have gotten caught.

Wait a second... 
you were the first one to stick
your nose in that bucket.
I think it's your fault!

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Yeah, you're right.

What kind of excellent adventure shall we have tomorrow?!


  1. The powers of a feed bucket are amazing!

  2. Hahahaha . . . love the pictures!!!! Truly an "Excellent Adventure!!"

  3. Too funny but not at the time, I'm sure!

  4. It must have been windy. Look at our HAIR, especially yours!!! Mine not too bad, but how come Vickie"s looks so good??? Ben :)

  5. Daddy's hair should be greyer.....just saying....those darn horsies

  6. haha! Sugar & rally did this a month or two ago...

  7. Whew! Glad that one had a happy ending. I'm sure the *cough* root of the escapee problem was the no-no zone grass itself (it was just too darn green and yummy looking to pass up ;o)

  8. So funny. I know, it's not funny while you're chasing them, but to read it later...funny!

    Cindy Bee

  9. lol!Good story documented in cartoon style. The comments by Ben and Anon. cracked me up. lol!

    Hopefully no more wild adventures for a while. Check and double checks those gates and doors. :)



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