Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Who Gets the Marbles?

When I head to the barn in the afternoon the horses usually run up to the gate. They are very rude, jockeying to get in the best spot. Once I open the gate, the first horse takes two steps onto the grass, and plunges his head down immediately. No more galloping out into the pasture with the abandon of a newly released fiery steed! Whoever gets stuck behind has to literally push the grazing immovable horse out of the way, and loses out on at least three chomps of grass! Watching Doc and Pippin mow down the grass and not wasting a minute of gobbling time, I was reminded of this picture, which I originally posted last year. Ironically, it was about the same time of year. My boys think I am starving them since they only get two hours on the lush (by Colorado standards) spring grass.
Hasbro missed the mark when they designed "Hungry Hungry Hippos"! I'm thinking that someone misread "Haffies" and substituted "Hippos" during production! 

Go, Pippin, get that marble! Hurry up, Doc, Pippin's getting ahead of you!
Don't you think the game would be much more appealing with Haflingers instead of Hippos?!


  1. I think you're definitely on to something here *laugh*.

  2. lol
    Silly horses. I had mine in the barn for one a day and a half last weekend while I was working the colt. They had lots of hay, but from their reaction upon release you'd think I had been starving them. I supposed if they'd had access to a phone they would have called me in for least in their oppinion. I supposed I can't blame any of them though. After such a long winter, I imagine no horse west of the Mississippi wants to spare a single moment away from grazing good green grass...even if it is sparse.


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