Monday, April 11, 2011

Doc's Diatribe: Tune-Up

A tune-up for horses? You have got to be kidding me. Cars get tuned up. Guitars get tuned up.... not horses!

So it all started on Friday when my Mrs. Owner accosted me while I was eating and began to wash my tail. She complained about having cold hands. She can't even begin to imagine what it feels like to have that end dunked in water when it is 45 degrees out and the wind is blowing. Geesh!

Then, the next morning my breakfast is interrupted yet again and I am 'persuaded' to go into the big white box on wheels. When I get out I am at some strange place with lots of horses around. My Mrs. Owner takes me for a walk. We see some sort of silly little animals, some with horns on their heads. They run from me as they say, "Baa-aaa-aaa". Bwahaha....I am the big guy - hah!

What....the....f....fuzzy, freaky thing are you?

My Mrs. Owner escorts me into the riding place.  It looks like some sort of scene from Toy Story or maybe it is the land of misfit toys....or maybe it is a circus. Yeah, that's what it must be. There is even circus music blasting out of some sort of box in the corner. OMG, I think I may have been sold to the circus! This isn't a tune-up it must be a training session for Ringling Brothers. Oh, please, please, take me back to my own barn. I promise I will be good!

Yup, don't circus horses have to balance on something? This teetering board must be a test of my balance. I'm not so sure I'm gonna walk across it. It doesn't feel safe.

It's the same color as a Haffie.... and it's happy, like a Haffie... you don't suppose that someone did some sort of evil magic and turned a Haffie into this weird thing? Maybe it's not a circus thing after all... maybe this is the land of misfit.... somethings!

Oh, no. Don't hit me!
I'll contact PETA if you do!

Awww, this little thing is kinda cute. It's petting my nose!

 Holy balls, Batman. That is one big ball. 
Uh, you aren't even thinking of bringing that thing near me, are you?

Now, this... I understand. 
Nom nom nom....
Uh, it looks like that poor excuse for a deer hiding below the branches
has already been chomped on, too!

You expect me to do what?
Not no, but heck no!

Teeheehee...they tickle!

Is there something good to eat in there?
What the's rattling?
A snake?
Oh, it's just a bumpy ball rattling around in a tin bucket.
Ho, hum, I'm getting kinda used to all of this silly stuff.

 I am one cool dude...don't you think?
I AM in tune with all of this stuff!


  1. What fun. Looks like he did an awesome job, love the narration too :)

  2. haha seems he did a good job! And i loved the PETA comment!


  3. Oh my goodness, Doc, I think that would have spooked me! You are a very good boy!

  4. Oh, Doc, where were you? that was a strange looking place, but probably fun once you got used to it. I think you were a very good boy to put up with Mrs. Owner's strangeness.--Inger

  5. Ok, you got my attention! What was that place? Never heard of or seen the like!

  6. Blogger ate my comment. That sucks

  7. that was very cool!
    A "dry van" is your typical truck trailer. Big rectangle on wheels. I need to do a Trucking 101 post on types of trailers! Thanks for the inspiration! I'll start getting some pictures together this week.

  8. Love me some Haffies! Such cool little horses. He is certainly a calm and collected fellow.

  9. That was a really cute post!Doc did well, I bet you're proud of him.


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