Monday, April 25, 2011

The Project - Week 14: Bit by Bit - moving forward

This week was pretty ho-hum as far as the project goes. We didn't get anything truly spectacular accomplished, but did tie up loose ends on some things, so I feel that we are moving forward. I didn't get pictures, so even this post is going to be 'ho-hum'!

This week we:
  • put up the bird houses I  won at the auction - oops, forgot to get pictures. I'll try to get some and put them up. The bird houses are really quite cute.
  • painted the master bathroom - well, except for a few spots. I ran out of paint and had to go get more for just a few areas and some touch up.  Arghhhh!
  • installed the range - it is a dual oven gas range with 5 burners. On Sunday I actually heated up a pizza for lunch!
  • put the tub back and installed the new faucets. I have a hand-held shower in the tub - so, I may actually take more baths than showers! I had to crawl as far into the access panel as I could with a can of spray foam. The hose for the hand-held shower kept getting snagged on a piece of wood that holds the tub at the correct height. We decided putting foam under that wood might stop that from happening.
  • finished the tile around the tub and began tiling the shower
  • painted the master bedroom
  • put back some of the fake rocks around the fireplace. When we got the house about 10 of the rocks had fallen off. I mortared them back in place... but in doing so, knocked a few more off. How frustrating!
Oh, wait. I do have a picture of the shower. This has been pretty slow going because the face of the shower seat is not perpendicular near the edge of the seat. My hubby had to shave off the back of the tile, about 4" down on all three face tiles. To do this he has to take a cut that goes into the tile about 1/8". He has to do this over and over again until he has cut the entire back. Also, the tile saw uses water that splashes all over the operator's hands. It was 45 out. The water was really cold. Poor hubby! Well, you know what the say, "Cold hands, warm heart!"


    1. I think you were more productive than you think. Sounds to me like you got alot of things accomplished! Hope hubby's hands are doing ok now out of the cold water.

    2. oh my gosh!!! you did a LOT! kudjo's for your (maybe i spelled that wrong but i hope you know what i mean, haha).


    3. I'm exhausted just reading about what you did!

    4. I'll have to post a photo of our shower. Yours reminds me a lot of ours, colors and all.

    5. You seem like very hardworking and brave!

    6. Regarding rhubarb....we have never used a bucket to encourage long stems. I will post pictures when it is ready to pick...the stems are 1-3 feet long.


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