Friday, April 29, 2011

Monster Redux

Oh, it has been such a busy week and I don't have a post for Farmgirl and Farm Friend Friday. What to do? Hmmm...what did I write about last year? Oh, here it is. This is last year's post for April 29. Things are almost the same; the sun is shining (finally) and the squirrels are scampering about. Sadly I've lost my sweet Monty and Tucker hasn't learned the delight of chasing squirrels. Hopefully our barn cats will take over Monty's job!

 Let me introduce you to one of my other four-legged friends. This is Monty. Monty is our Zebrador. This is Mr. Mellow. This is Mr. Meek. This is the sweetest, kindest, wimpiest dog you could ever meet.

Today I discovered a different side of Mr. Mellow Monty.....I saw the Mr. Hyde side, and it wasn't  pretty!

Meet Mr. Federation Squirrel. AKA: Thirteen-lined ground squirrel, striped gopher, pest, squinney, nuisance, leopard ground squirrel, PITA (pain in the a$$), #%(%#@$^.

Awwww, isn't he cute?!

Our sunshine and warmer weather has brought more than bursting buds and dandelions. We now have these critters scampering around our yard, road and pasture. They seemed to have enjoyed winter under the snow in their snug squirrel dens. Ma and Pa squirrel seemed to have raised a banner crop of younguns in their magnificent burrow systems. Burrows and horse hooves do not go well together. Being the animal-loving kind of person that I am, and also having found no other way to stop these critters, I have obtained a "Have-a-Heart" trap. I bait it with peanut butter and oatmeal which is apparently irresistible to these critters. Then, I take a jaunt into the country side and release the pest cute little guy in open area, where hopefully, no one will care whether they have a new addition to their neighborhood!
So, today (Are you already predicting the gruesome story that is about to unfold? Have you put two and two together?) I saw a number of these guys scampering in Pippin's pasture. I set up the trap, and withing 15 minutes had myself a squirrel. Thinking about conserving gas, I dumped carefully placed the first victim cute, little guy, into my 'Homer' Bucket, and placed a basket over the top to keep him in.
I caught my second little guy within 30 minutes and was able to have him join his pal in Homer's bucket. Mr. Monty watched with interest. I went on about my chores, stepped out of the barn to find Homer on his side, and one (1) ground squirrel, rather maimed, in Mr. Monty Monster's mouth. One lucky guy evidently scampered to freedom. I turned my back, telling the monster to 'have at it', with only the slightest queasiness as I went up to have my PB & J sandwich.
Hmmm, maybe I can teach an old dog new tricks and I can dispense with being the middleman in this odd food chain!

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  1. I did that once with mice...I was catching them and the barn cat "released" them for me. Boy did she ever release them.

  2. Dogs doing their job is a good thing.

  3. Oooooh...usually our "homer" bucket is filled with water - drop trap in and all :o!

    May Monty rest in peace, but may Tucker get with the program...

  4. Oh, I'm sorry you lost such a beautiful and effective buddy.

  5. We have squirrels all over the place. We even feed them!!!! I used to have one that ate right out of my hand. Then we got Dixie...and Winston...and they hardly even come to our yard. Get yourself a terrier...the squirrels will stay away.

    Cindy Bee

  6. It's so nice when the dogs and cats can take care of those things. Mine take care of the tree squirrels, which I like. My cat is the most efficient with that. So sorry you've lost your buddy/squirrel trap.


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