Thursday, April 21, 2011

....And That's No Bull!

Hay, Pippin, I'm back. 
Pi-ip-ip-ip-in? Where are you?

Nom, nom, nom.  Wower here.  
Nom, nom, nom.  
Drnmdt nno ooo wrghw gawrghn.

Don't you know it's not polite to talk with
your mouth full?

I said, I didn't know you were gone. 
Nom, nom, nom.

How could you not have noticed? Didn't you
see my Mrs. Owner trying to persuade me
to go into the big white box on wheels? Didn't
you hear me neighing to you? Didn't you see
me going around and around in circles
until I was wet with sweat? Didn't you
hear the truck pulling out as I called
plaintively to you?

Nope, didn't hear a thing.

I guess ripping and chewing grass makes
too much noise. Geesh.
Well, anyway, you missed all of the fun.
Ha ha on you!

Fun? Something better than eating?

You bet!  I got to go to the lesson place
today instead of you. And, guess what I got to do...

Hmmm, if it was anything like my lessons you got to

turn to the left,
turn to the right,
go fast,
then slow,
until you get it right.

Big deal.

Yeah, OK, so we did some of that. But,
the lesson lady said that because we were 
so good we could play for a bit. Did you hear 
that? We were really good! We musta been 
better than you! The lesson lady let this animal 
into the arena. Pippin, let me tell you, at first I
was scared for my life. That thing had horns 
sticking out of it's head! A fella could get hurt 
by something like that, like, I coulda been gored!!

So, it was like the silly goats 
we saw a few weeks ago?

No, no, no. This thing was waayyyy bigger! 
Why, at first glance I would have guessed 
it was three times my size.


Well, maybe not that big. I guess it really 
only came up to my shoulder. Well, maybe 
up to my elbow. I guess it wasn't that big after all.

So, big deal. Nom, nom, nom.

Oh, but Pippin, it was.  This thing made 
very strange noises and it smelled awful. 
I got to show that thing what kinda horse
I am though. I got to push that stinky thing 
around and tell it where to go.
Ya know what?
That thing was scared of me!
Ha, I am the horse!

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  1. hahahaha! Doc sure did enjoy pushing that cow around didnt' he.

  2. hahaha yeah i'm with Jeni!

    Thanks and have a great Easter!

  3. It sounds like quite the exciting adventure!


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