Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Stills - Camera

Sunday Stills is focusing on cameras. Participants in this weekly blog post all post pictures, but today we get to show the camera and gear we use to get all those great adequate pictures  We're supposed to get bonus points if we have any classic old cameras, and yup, I seem to have a few of those! I don't know why, but we held on to some cameras. My youngest son loves them and they now belong to him. But, since he is in college, this collection still resides with me!

My Kodak Duaflex camera.... which was probably my
brother's and sister's before it was mine!
I remember taking this camera to camp back in the early 60's.

Through the lens of my first camera!

 This is a half-frame 35 mm that my brother bought for me while he was in Vietnam.
I won a Kodak grant when teaching in the 1980's 
having students use this camera to make filmstrip shows!

My Polaroid!
This was one of my favorite Christmas presents... oh so many years ago!
Wasn't it great to see the picture minutes after you pressed the shutter button?
I guess some folks couldn't wait that long and that's why they went on to develop digital media!

But, I can do better than that - here is my Step-Dad's Polaroid camera!
This thing measures 10" X 5" X 2". Not the sort of thing you stick in your pocket!

This is my Grandfather's Zeiss-Ikon. 
I remember him taking pictures with this camera in the 60's.

 So... how does one take a picture of the camera she is using?
How 'bout scanning it!
Oh my, this shows the newly acquired scratches that 
I caused by dumping the camera on the driveway.
I did not win points with my hubby for that action!

Hop on over to Sunday Stills to see more camera gear.


  1. You definitely win points from me! Thanks for the walk through history. My grandmother had a similar Kodak box camera when I was a child! :)

  2. WOW! Great pics of the classic cameras, you deffinatly get the bonus points this week..:-)

  3. Neat cameras!!! And a great idea to scan for the last shot. Love the DOF :-)

  4. That was fun! I wish I still had my first camera.

  5. Quite a collection of cameras you have. Your everyday camera now has a well used look to it.

  6. Great collection of cameras!! Thanks for sharing them.


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