Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Stills: 4 Corners

The Sunday Stills Challenge was to find a place and take shots of the four compass points. The spot was easy.... my back yard on the way to the barn Friday morning. I did cheat a bit so I didn't shoot directly into the sun, so my 4 points are ESE, SSW, WNW and NNE. Too bad we didn't have one of those spectacular sunrises that morning!

Towards the East
If you enlarge the shot you can see our neighbor's horse checking me out!

 Towards the South - Ahhhh, Pike's Peak
(Why does it look so much smaller in photos?)

Towards the West
Ed's right about this exercise helping us see it all....
I had a hose running across the lawn - it was distracting so I cloned it out!
I like how the light is warming up the far hillside.

Toward the north
What do I see? My poor 'lawn' - but it is beginning to get green!


  1. You done good kiddo! Are there buds starting on those trees yet?

  2. I have the same problem with my Pikes Peak photos!

  3. Very pretty. I've been catching up, after being away, and I see that your friend lost her beloved mare to torsion colic. I'm so sorry. So many of us have lost a horse to that dread condition. It's how I lost Hennessy, the big gray mare in my profile picture. So many things can go wrong with horses, so quickly. Breaks your heart.

  4. Your homestead is lovely. :)

  5. I can see why you picked that spot, it's lovely!


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