Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunday Stills: Favorite Restaurant

This week we were given a food challenge. We were to pick our favorite recipe or if so inclined we were encouraged to go out for dinner and show y'all what we like about the restaurant. Will lunch do? How 'bout a take out dessert? This is my newly discovered favorite restaurant. It's a little Italian bakery. The first time we visited the owner/chef came out and told us, in heavily accented English, that we "shoulda tella hima whata we wanta and he will feex eet for us". They also serve dinner, but with our schedules we haven't been able to get there late in the day.... can't wait!

 For more visits to great restaurants, or to see some super pictures of food, visit the Sunday Stills site. Mmmmm, yumm! Enjoy a calorie-free visit!


  1. Cute spot. What did you have for lunch? Not all sweets! :)

  2. Wonderful photos. What a unique place. I liked your Italian accent. hehe!

    And those adorable dishes with the chickens on them.....I want them!


  3. oh i bet that was super delic! i was raised in pittsburgh with a lot of italian influence. they are the best with food!!!

  4. Great photos! I really like the bakery ones! He he...

  5. I'm going to have to come visit your neck of hte woods for that restaurant! I'm jonsin' for good Italian food!

  6. Nice post. I love the menu chalkboard drawing, and Italian food!


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