Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Welcome Followers

Hi there, new followers. I'm so glad you are coming along on my dream-ride! Sometimes my life is a bit crazy, but usually the ride is pretty predictable and safe!

I'd like to welcome Deborah Jean from Dandelion House. Deborah Jean has far more energy than I do! She does a lot of 'home making': home cooking, home growing and home schooling. Deborah Jean hosts "Farmgirl Friday" - a link to lots of blogs from folks who are interested in farm-related topics or who are farmer wanna-be's! She's a busy lady and I'm so glad that she's taken the time to find my blog and come along with me.

Welcome to Kritter Keeper from Farm Tails. I feel so terrible. Kritter Keeper had to tell ME that she has been following my blog for a while. Kritter Keeper lives up to her name. She has lots and lots of critters - both domestic and not so tame, that she cares for. She has a beautiful farm and puts up all kinds of dreamy pictures! I don't know why I didn't catch on that she had joined my parade, and I apologize.

If there are others of you that are following and I haven't realized it...please leave a comment and tell me. Sometimes I  can be thick like that! Generally if someone has taken the time to click on that button to follow me, then I get curious and check out their blogs and follow them! It's a 'follow the leader in a circle' type thing!


  1. Hey Dreaming!! Smooch Pippin and Doc from me!!

    You're a "bad" influence..lol.. Lately I've found myself dreaming about a single story house and re-doing it ourselves. My husband? Not so much! ;)

  2. I alway try to mention new followers. Now that I'm in the midst of this challenge, I plan to do a special post after it is over. A few other bloggers do it too and it was nice to read about your new followers here.--Inger

  3. ah a big hug for your intro to us newbies! your love for gardening and horses attracted me to your wonderful blog and i feel blessed that you followed me!

  4. What a great idea, and I'm glad you did it as I missed that you had a Follow Me widget initially. You are, however, in my "Morning Coffee" widget, so you pop up regularly on my reading list.
    I've already been visiting for awhile, but I went ahead and followed you (just to make it official, although you do NOT need to worry about a post acknowledging it *laugh* ;o)


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