Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Project - Week 13: Playing Hookey

This week we took a few days off! At the time it felt great, but both my hubby and I were disappointed that we didn't get more accomplished. However, maybe that break will provide the inspiration to move forward...and work harder and faster!

As I write that, a Daft Punk song comes to mind (OK, not my usual music... but baby son introduced me to it!) I had to share this creative video (oh, and yeah, what I wouldn't give to have either one of those bodies!) The intro is boring, as far as a visual goes, but it's clever once the song gets going!

If you prefer to see a male hunk here!

This week we:
  • Tiled the tub deck and half of the tub front. I sealed the tile, so we can now connect the tub's plumbing and finally finish the front and the back splash.
  • Began to focus on the shower. We received the shower column. This has spray nozzles, a hand held shower and a 'rain head'. The unique thing about this set-up is that we can have all of the nifty features of an upscale shower without having to plumb each water source. I also put in the bottom row of tiles. Now I can build on those as we continue to tile. We bought the shower doors and discovered that we needed to extend a wall in order to install them correctly. The previous doors were Jerry-rigged and we decided not to follow the previous installers lousy solution.
  • Picked out our granite slabs for the kitchen. The granite has been fabricated and will be installed at the end of the month.
  • Picked out the tile we are going to use as the back splash in the kitchen and more-or-less settled on the pattern we intend to use.
  • Returned our extra lumber to Lumber Liquidators. Since it has been over 30 days we can only get store credit. So, exactly how long will $287 in floor cleaner last???
  • Went to the draft horse auction. We didn't buy a draft horse! We didn't buy a cart! We did leave with 3 bird houses and some 'Christmas Crap' that I successfully bid on.... One large carton for $15.00!!
  • Bought two more trees...arrghhh!! One of the 'big box' stores had evergreens at an irresistible price.
  • Leveled the knee wall in the kitchen so the granite will 'fit'.

Shower Column

Tile in progress - it should be finished next week after we connect the tub to the plumbing.


  1. That is some fabulous tile work! I can't wait to see everything when the house is finished. WOW!

  2. Sounds like you got alot of things done. I love it when a project comes together. As far as the video...I would love to have the coordination and memory to do that lol.

  3. OMG I'm not even as close to as busy as you are! Wow! Spring kinda does that doesn't it? Especially here in CO!

  4. Wow, I can't believe how much you get done!
    I've always wanted to go to that auction, but I'm scared I'd do something we can't afford. Boomer's owner Bob is going to the National Clydesdale Sale. I'm hoping he'll find something irresistible for our empty stall.


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