Saturday, November 30, 2013

Art Class

I ran into Michael's a few weeks ago and was stopped by one of the sales clerks. She explained that they were having a "two for the price of one" sale for art classes. Hmmm, I thought.... I've often considered taking a painting class. Maybe this was my opportunity! So, Dreaming signed up for her two classes.

In class, the instructor showed us a few 8" X 10" floral images and said to pick one. By the time the pile got around to me, I had slim pickings. I selected a columbine. She showed us how to use carbon paper (remember that stuff?!) to transfer the outlines to the canvas board and then, more or less said, "Paint it!"

I am not sure what I expected, but I didn't feel like I received much instruction and I was very frustrated. I'm thinking there was more real instruction in this video!

Isn't it cute?!

After two hours I walked out of class with my not-yet-finished piece. Later in the week I worked on completing it, but I didn't enjoy the process and I wasn't pleased with my efforts. I grew frustrated with the task and just slapped some paint on the board and said the Hell with it.

(Hmmmm.... it looks better in this picture than it does in person!)

I decided to try again. I found a picture I had taken of sunflowers in my garden. I enlarged it and transferred it to the board.

I began mixing the paint and took a bit more time scrutinizing slight variations of color brought about by shadow. I found myself enjoying the process a bit more. Perhaps it was the realization that I didn't have to complete the work in two hours - I could just enjoy playing with the colors. The color is off. I blame that partially on the lousy light in my 'studio', aka the kitchen table, and partially on the fact that my instructor never said anything about acrylic paints drying a bit darker - I had to learn that (and lots more) from watching instructive videos on YouTube. But, all in all, I was quite pleased with my second effort.

Picasso, I'm not.
But, I think I could have some fun with this!


  1. Those are both awesome. Hidden talent there for sure :)

  2. Are you kidding????? These are spectacular!

  3. Holy cow! Both of those are amazing. Please don't tell me this was your first time painting...

  4. I'm impressed, Dreaming! Both paintings are great!

  5. I think this is the beginning of something good for Dreaming. I think you did really, really well. They are really good.




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