Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day-to-Day Stuff

I am enjoying our fall. We have had more than our share of bright, sunny days and the temperatures, by mid day, allow me to enjoy life outside in my shirtsleeves or a very light jacket. It has been delightful! We have had virtually no rain or snow. Yesterday I watered our trees. Today I'll need to get some water on my shrubs and perennials.

If you want to find me on any weekday morning, your first place to check would be the recreation center's "Field House". I am enjoying playing pickleball each morning. I am improving, but just when I think that way, I have a lousy day where I can't make a point and lose far too many!

I am visiting my dad a few times a week. It is very painful for me to stop by. On a good day we can discuss a few things and what he says is germane to the conversation. However, more often than not, what comes out of his mouth doesn't make a lot of sense. It is like there is a genie inside of him who has devised a new code, and hasn't bothered to give me the key. Syntactically, everything my dad says is correct. He has his nouns and adjectives and conjunctions... but I can't figure out what he is intending to say. Despite all of this, Dad, at 92, is going to get married in January. He has wanted to marry his lady friend since she moved in two years ago, and, I have told him "NO"... emphatically. He had a disastrous marriage previously and I just didn't want to see him hurt in that way again. But, it is obvious that he loves Judy, and Judy loves him - even with his diminishing mind and body. How can I stand in the way of his happiness? So over the next few weeks I will be taking Judy shopping for a new outfit for the day. She, being practical, didn't want to do that - but I told her I want her to feel special and a new "go to church" dress that she can use on other occasions would be perfect!

When I find a bit of free time I wander down to my dungeon. There I can make a mess and end up with little bits of paper all over the floor, and shut the door on it and not be bothered! I am enjoying working with my Cricut machine and incorporating different techniques in making cards. My latest addition, is quilling.

What starts out looking like this,
strips of paper I have coiled and smooshed...

Turns into this...

or this...

and then is transformed to look like this:

or this....

I guess you could say I am doing this
just for the quill of it!

 Yeah, that was pathetic.
I guess it is time for me to stop!


  1. Very nice!! Looks like you are getting ready for Turkey Day! I used to quill in my youth, looong before all the fancy tools came out. My middle daughter got into it a few years ago, it's gotten so sophisticated.

  2. Those cards are great. My mom married an old guy at the senior place where they both lived. That way, they got more than a room, a real one bedroom apartment. That's what she said, but I think there was some love involved too and I was thrilled. They were married for about four years, until she passed away.

  3. I have always admired quilling! You did great! Your cards are lovely. 92 and getting married...that is something..I wish them the best of luck.
    Patience, sometimes it is hard with the elderly once they get something in their mind there is no talking them out of it. I suppose someone will have to be patient with us some day too:)

  4. Those are so cute! I love seeing all your craft talents displayed :)
    Congrats to your dad and Judy, hey, if it makes them happy, why not?

  5. They are awesome! I love them you've got such a good craft talen :P


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