Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wee Beasties

Oops, I meant to post this around Halloween, 
since it involves very scary critters!

But somehow it escaped me....

Take a look at the wee beasties I found in my gardens:

Oh my...



What are they?
Do you know?!

Check back for breaking news at 5:00 PM MT!

Oh drat!
Late, again!

I forgot that I said I'd reveal the response at 5:00 PM,
and here it is almost 7:00!

These are seed pods from Snap Dragons.
How fitting that the cute little dragon flowers 
would have such fitting seed pods!


  1. Cute! I have no idea what they are from:)

  2. Interesting how they look like little faces. The greenery looks like it's from the Lipstick Vine or related Dancing Dolphin Vine family, so maybe these are their dried buds?

    1. Close... but not so close! I moved the little monsters to get a better picture - so they aren't in their usual spots.

  3. The abandoned masks of very small creatures? Well, Halloween is over. I guess they didn't need them anymore. :)

  4. They are cute! Not so scary since they are from flowers instead of bugs :)


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