Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Blogging is very rewarding. It gives the blogger the opportunity to write and to "publish". It offers the opportunity for feedback. My blog is a chronicle of my life and describes events both big and small. It is great fun to go back and see what I was doing three years ago, on this day, or whatever! 

One of the rewards of blogging is to be nominated for an award. This has happened several times and I feel grateful that readers have passed awards on to me. However, not intending to be ungracious, I prefer not to entangle myself in the details of the award. I don't care to pay the price! (For those of you who are unfamiliar with blogging and awards, you may not know that the awards come with strings attached. Generally one must respond to questions, come up with questions for others to answer, thank the blog that bestowed the award upon you and pick 5-15 other blogs to pass the award to, and notify them of their prize. It is fun to receive the award, but it takes a long time to deal with the demands of the prize. In some ways, a blog award is kin to a virus.)

I want to acknowledge the 'gifts' and let everyone know that I really appreciate the nominations, even if I am not playing the game! I believe that having another blogger recommend your blog for a prize is a high honor, and I want to thank those bloggers for the award, for reading my blog and for following along! Well, actually, I thank everyone who reads my blog... you don't have to give me an award - I appreciate all of you, regardless.

Thank you,

American Girl, Paola's Horse Blog
Fundy Blue, Standing Into Danger


  1. I like the way you worded your explanation, so gracious. When I first started blogging, I was so thrilled to get awards, but as time went on and I read and commented on more and more blogs, I just couldn't keep up with the demands. I blogger friend designed a button for me that states my blog is an Award Free blog.

  2. I absolutely agree! I once felt that they were very important to have, and I then began getting them, to the point that it was a bit overwhelming, and then having to give them out and getting the not so gracious response, I just had to say no too! I do enjoy seeing your posts with or without awards stamped on your blog! A++++++++++


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