Sunday, November 17, 2013

Home Again

My trip was short, but very sweet. As promised, Marjie and I reminisced and talked, had some great meals, talked and walked and too soon it was time to say, "Good-bye".

By chance, our planes came into the same terminal, two gates from each other, at the Kansas City Airport. I enjoy seeing how different airports handle parking, moving people and security. This particular airport has three large terminals shaped like "C's". They have constructed parking garages in the center of each circle.

The airlines have their own baggage areas adjacent to the gates, so one does not have to walk far to obtain checked items. Ground transportation flows through the "C" collecting folks who need to go to off-site parking or to the car rental facility. All car rental companies share a beautiful new building about 5 minutes from the airport, and the parking lot is practically in sight of the nearest highway heading into Kansas City. It is all very convenient. The only drawback I noticed is that security is set up for only a few gates, so once you are at the gate, you have little space and limited services, e.g. food, magazines or other shops.

In short order we had our car and made it to the hotel near the University of Missouri, Kansas campus. From there we made our way to the Country Club Plaza, a premier shopping area that was designed and built in the 20's. The architecture is reminiscent of Seville, Spain. The area is beautiful, with wonderful details on the buildings and lots of fountains and statues.

Neither Marjie, nor I, are 'shoppers', but we enjoyed strolling through the area and it was a convenient area to meet Marjie's daughter and her delightful boyfriend. We stopped at Jack Stack's Barbecue (iconic Kansas City barbecue establishment) for a late lunch/early dinner. Yum!
This is my picture
and it was all good!

That evening we made our way on campus to see Kate in the role of one of the 'wicked' stepsisters in Jules Massenet's "Cendrillon". The comedic opera was brilliantly staged and Kate did a fabulous job. Dressed in pink, with lots of feathers and a blond wig, I would not have recognized her had she not given me a heads-up! Kate is a born performer and has always had a wonderful, strong singing voice. She will finish her Master's program in opera in another year.
This is Kate's picture!

Knowing of my love for card making, Marjie suggested a trip to the Hallmark Visitor's Center and museum the next day. It was fascinating! The founder, Mr. Joyce Hall, began selling post cards in Kansas City when he was 19 and from that built his huge greeting card empire. He was quite visionary.  Hallmark has a huge presence in Kansas City today.
Here, Marjie points to a quilled card made by one of the employees on the annual tree they created to surprise Mr. Hall.

Here it is close up:

We topped our trip off with a meal that will not soon be forgotten at The Webster House.

The Webster House was originally constructed as a school in the 1880's. Now the classrooms on the first floor house beautiful shops with antiques, upscale clothing and home decor. We ate in a classroom upstairs and everyone had a fabulous meal.

The following morning, after good-bye's to Kate and her boyfriend, we retraced our paths and made our way back to our respective homes. Both Marjie & I agreed that we will need to plan an annual 'destination' meet and greet in the future!


  1. What an interesting post, who would have thought of Spanish themed architecture in Missouri. You had a fun and varied experience, so much done in a short time.

  2. Looks like you had a blast! Good for you getting away from it all! :)

  3. Fun times! I wanted to say thanks for sharing sunshine, and gave you an award on my blog. Stop by & grab it if your into playing along.

  4. What a great time...the food looks delish.


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