Sunday, November 3, 2013


This post is about a cricket.

No, not this cricket,
although it was one of my favorite books
to read aloud to my third grade students eons ago.

No, not this Cricket.
This was the first dog I had on my own.
I found her at an animal shelter
and adopted her because I could.
Perhaps there was a bit of late teen revolt
behind my acquisition!

Cricket loved swimming.

Cricket enjoyed making a splash!
She would even dive under water 
and collect interesting items.

But, back to the cricket.
It is actually spelled "Cricut"
and it is a "personal cutter".

I have toyed with the idea of purchasing a Cricut, or similar machine, for years. I like making cards and a Cricut can cut amazingly intricate shapes in a snap. But... I can cut shapes, too, or.... I can do without. But, I kept thinking about it... wouldn't it be nice?

Today I stopped by a local scrapbooking shop. They were having their monthly yard sale. The owners invite customers to bring in items they no longer want. They sell the items and take a bit of the proceeds for their troubles. I picked up a few stamps and wandered down the line. There was a huge pack of scrapbooking paper. I nabbed that. Then my eyes lit on the Cricut. (Cue some sort of mystical music.) No way! There, sitting on the table, (was there some sort of aura around it?) was the machine of my dreams. And, according to the store owners, it worked. In fact, it looked basically unused. I have my Cricut! The machine I wasn't sure I really needed, or wanted, but it might be nice...

...and, it is nice!

The machine came with a basic cartridge and another cartridge of Christmas shapes is on its way. The cartridges are expensive, but can be found on sale and online a bit more reasonably. Cricut also has an online 'Craft Room' with accompanying software that allows users to create projects on the computer and cut them on their machines. 

Apparently there are a few free items each week. This week featured Halloween items - oops, a bit too late - and a Christmas gift tag:

Well, would you expect anything less of me?
Of course I had to try using the program and testing the machine!


  1. I bought one jointly with my daughter but never used it much. I hope you like yours and yes I have heard good things about the designing your own program:)

  2. Congrats on your find! I have friends who love & use theirs a lot. When I make cards (key word "when" do you hear crickets? I do) I enjoy the hand part of making cards, so I've stayed away from the fancy machines. However they sure do help make cards look nice & a huge timesaver if your cranking out quantity. Can't wait to see your creative outcomes!

  3. I am the same as you, which was part of my hesitation. I like being what I consider a purist when it comes to card making... but I am enjoying some of the intricate cutting it can do. I probably still won't 'crank them out'. I enjoy the fact that each of my cards is a one and only!

  4. You had me wondering all the way through. This was a good post!



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