Monday, December 2, 2013

The 100-Day Challenge

I recently followed a link on Facebook to a story about a woman who participated in a 100-day video challenge to learn how to walk again. From there, I watched video clips of other people who were practicing something for 100 days. I loved the premise of this challenge, after-all, practice makes perfect. But what goal, I wondered, did I want to pursue that I could log progress over a significant period of time? My first thought was that I could finally learn how to ride a unicycle!

That was a dream of mine for many years, but sadly, Santa never brought me a unicycle. However, I began to envision road rash on my knees, bruises in places that haven't seen black and blue for a long time, and trips to the ER with sprained wrists. I am thinking that perhaps learning to ride a unicycle at my age this point in time is inadvisable.

Then, as I responded to a comment on my recent post about my art lessons, I realized I had my challenge! I will adapt the 100-Day Challenge to become a 100-painting challenge, which may take considerably longer (especially with our travel schedule) than 100 days. So as not to subject everyone with my challenge, and have that take over this blog, I will record my progress on another blog I have created: 100 Day Challenge. (Wasn't I just saying something about blogging taking up too much time... and now I have another blog?!!) Yeah, I guess I am a bit whacko!

And, my next challenge? 
Figuring out what to do with 100 paintings!!


  1. I will take a look at your painting blog; maybe I should set myself a 100 something challenge too. Mine would involve writing.

  2. Sounds like quite a challenge! I think you should learn to ride a unicycle too. I ride one...and it's really not that hard! Although...I guess at my age, falling is a little different than when I learned to ride in 6th grade!

  3. Our son in law has a unicycle..he rides quite well! Wow 100...maybe you should make it 100 days of painting:)


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