Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The New Car

We will be heading to the Honda dealer in just a bit to bring our new car home. One would think the Dreamers would be very excited. We are not! In fact, we are a bit angry and poor Mr. Dreamy is very tired of wrangling on the phone and dealing with minutiae with insurance folks, car salesmen, and venders for towing equipment. For Mr. Dreamy, this whole experience has been a pain in the neck....

Mr. Dreamy was on his way home just before Thanksgiving, yeah, only last week. The roads were clear. There were few cars out and it was a gorgeous day. A buck was out, enjoying the sunshine, too, and decided to stroll across the road. Mr. Dreamy slowed and stopped, waiting for the deer, when suddenly, WHAM! A young lady plowed into him, pushing him 20 feet uphill and crumpling the rear end of our car.

(Although I am sure stronger words were thought, if not uttered.)

Mr. Dreamy was shaken and his neck hurt, but otherwise he was OK. The young lady was in similar shape. Given the conditions, all we can figure is that she wasn't paying attention, looked up and saw Mr. Dreamy stopped on the road and and at the last minute tried to steer clear. Her efforts obviously didn't work. 

For the next several days Mr. Dreamy had lots of conversations with the lady's insurance company.
We had lots of conversations and some hand wringing. What were we going to do? We were planning to leave in the motorhome in a week or two. This was our tow car. It didn't seem possible that the car could be fixed in that time. Our other car cannot be towed. Could the insurance company arrange for rental cars in the areas we were staying for more than a day or two? How could we get our car when the body shop completed the work? The body shop insisted that the car had to be picked up within 24 hours of completion. We'd be hard pressed to fly back to town to pick it up. There were so many unknowns putting lots of kinks in our plans. 

Recently the smoke began clearing in the crystal ball. The body shop totaled our car! Really?! OMG!
Mr. Dreamy had stopped at the body shop to pick up the garage door opener... which they found in the back seat, having been thrown there by the force of the impact. The adjuster suggested he clean everything out and take the license plates... she was quite sure that the amount of the damage would be too high. Apparently there was a lot more damage than what was visible. 

So, off we went to begin the process of buying another car... barely one year after we bought this one. We will have to get the hitches installed for towing it and for carrying our bicycle rack. We'll have to get the wiring installed for towing... we'll have to pay the difference between the value of our car and the new car... but then we will be ready to hit the road, only a bit delayed. 


I think the stars and planets must be aligned in our favor!
Just one more thing to be thankful for this year.


  1. Glad that he is okay! Dealing with a totaled car is a lot of work, yuck. But glad you get a new one!!

  2. Glad Mr Dreamy is okay..scary for sure.I would have said lots of "bad words"..:(

  3. Thankful it wasn't worse. It's sad how disposable cars are these days. Best of luck getting back on the road & hopefully your new tow car will last much longer!!

  4. Yeah, I think it's wiser to find which among your options will cost you less. For my money, though, I think you'd be better off giving Mr. Dreamy another chance. Really put in as much into getting that 1-year old mobile back up again. At least you'd be used to this one, and you'll have something you can build up for legacy: as this ride you can pass on to your sons and daughters. Some things can't be measured by fiscal standards, and this is one of those.

    Jamie @ Georgetown Exxon


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