Thursday, December 5, 2013

Give a Woman the Tools....

Mr. Dreamy injured his foot. It's one of those mysterious things that just happens... and hurts. I forbade him to clear the snow. We only had about 5 inches, with only a bit of drifting, but the weather isn't supposed to warm up too much in the next week and we need to have the drive clear. I did allow him to start the snowblower for me! Check out his choice of footwear!

So after clearing part of the drive with a shovel, 
I wrestled with the snowblower. 

Oh, in addition to the snowblower...
I used the leaf blower!
I had to clear the snow off the gravel drive for the motorhome,
since we hope to get out next week.

I am woman.
I am strong.
I am invincible!

It was all so worth it.
Nothing beats this view!


  1. Atta Girl! We can do anything :). Hope hubby's foot is better soon and you don't get the job permanently. It's fun to do some jobs occasionally but not full time. Lol

  2. You go girl a womans gotta do what shes gotta do! :)

  3. I can hear you roar! You go, Dreaming! Hope your hubby's foot is better!

  4. That looks like a long driveway to snow blow, great job! You are one step ahead of me, never used one. I stick to shoveling. I am guilty & grab sandals for quick garage stuff too.


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