Friday, December 6, 2013

Just a 'Skin'ny Minute

This "Universal" adhesive glues:





and skin!

Hmmm, that doesn't appear to be in their list!

As soon as it turns cold I get nasty cracks near the edge of my fingernails. If you are squeamish... don't look! This isn't my finger, but it might as well be!

They hurt. 
Anytime I touch anything, it hurts.
 Lying in bed at night, it hurts. 
And it seems like it takes forever for the crack to heal.

I tried any manner of ways to prevent the cracked skin, and to promote healing. I would rub all kinds of moisturizing potions on them.


Even super duper skin moisturizers.... 
(Substitute "very expensive")

They didn't help.

I used ointments
but the cracks didn't heal any faster.

I told Mr. Dreamy I couldn't touch water.
He bought me gloves.
 I used the gloves.

It didn't help.

I made sure to use gloves whenever I went outside.
I wore gloves when I worked with the horses.
I wore gloves when I worked in the garden.
I wore gloves when I drove...
You get the point!

Then, one day I happened to be making some greeting cards. 
I reached for the super glue....
and I looked at my finger...
and I looked back at the glue...
and I recalled the time our dog cut the pad of her foot.
She bled profusely.
The vet glued her pad together.
I checked out the finger again.
I shrugged my shoulders
and put just the smallest little smudge of glue
on the cracked skin.
I carefully pushed the crack together
(so as not to glue two fingers together)
and counted to 5.
The chasm of the crack was reduced to almost nothing.
The pain was reduced to almost nothing.
My finger healed....
perhaps not faster than it would have,
but since it didn't hurt, I didn't notice.

Today I had to go out and get a new bottle of glue.
The season has begun anew.
But, tonight I can type without cringing
every time my thumb hits the space bar.

I'll probably die from poisoning by some 
obscure chemical in the glue.
But, at least I won't have sore fingers in the winter!

(I want to go on record
to disclaim any promise, implied or otherwise.
If you try my not-so-normal treatment,
you are on your own!)


  1. I have used glue forever on those pesky skin cracks! Like you ~ no implied promise in my remark!

  2. Great idea - I have the same problem and need to go out and get some right away!

  3. I bet you have an allergy..but then I am not a Dr. I think that Super Glue was firt used in you should be fine! I use Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream and another product called Glysolid in a red container..I used it on Far Guys stitches after they didn't quite heal.
    I also take a Vitamin B and Biotin for my fingernails which are brittle:(


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