Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dreaming Drives

I have avoided driving the motorhome. I've driven it in our driveway, and I've parked it at a few campgrounds, but I've not driven it on a highway. The thing is just so big... there is very little road left when you take up so much room. But, today I drove... and it was fun!

(I'm looking a bit tense here!)

We were heading southeast through the upper corner of New Mexico and the top end of Texas. It was a nice day, with an improved road, and almost no traffic.

My knitting was buried someplace - I'm not sure where. I had played all of my friends on "Words With Friends" and they weren't responding. There were only 5 radio stations to select from, so scrolling up and down the air waves wasn't very exciting. I purposely didn't buy potato chips, so there was nothing to snack on. So.... what's a girl to do? 

Mr. Dreamy has often said that he wants me to drive so that I could take over if he wasn't feeling well. I knew that I could do it.... if I had to. But, he was right in suggesting that if I drove enough to be comfortable with it, then it wouldn't be a big deal. 

I suggested, 
he considered,
and at the next wide shoulder he pulled over.
The first few miles were a bit tense.
But once I got the hang of knowing 
where I was on the road,
it wasn't that bad...
At least not without traffic, and large trucks going by, and lane shifts at 65 mph, and traffic cones or worse, concrete barriers, and uneven road surfaces, and rain, or worse, snow.... 

I guess I stick with the empty road, nice weather and little traffic driving for a while!


  1. The is AWESOME! Girl Power! :-)

  2. Awesome to see you driving! I won't drive our 5th wheel so I get the anxiety but it is excellent to have two drivers in case one is ill or tired. The open road looks like a very good place to start driving that monster!! :) Looks gorgeous there!

  3. Whenever I'm driving the horse rig on a narrow road I always breathe deeply, put my hands at 10 and 2, try to go the speed limit, and tell myself I can do it. I know what it is like to be a little uncomfortable with the big vehicles, but it is truly such an important skill like your husband said!

  4. Wise words! I did a lot of deep breathing! The trick I used, which was told to me by an RV salesman on a test drive, is to put my rear end in the tire tracks of the left wheels. You can see the tracks on most roads, and he is right... from where you sit in an RV, you are right above those tracks.

  5. Way to go! Every time you drive it will get a little easier.


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