Friday, February 17, 2012

Family and Friends

I bought a slide converter for my Dad and went through some of his slides with him. Most of them were from the 70's and 80's, but there were a few family treasures. Here are two from around 1955.

We had a pond behind our house and I do remember skating on it. I had double runner skates that strapped to my boots. They were really lousy! One couldn't really skate, it was more like walking an inch above the ground. I do remember, though, that my brother had hockey skates.  They had no support and his ankles were practically on the ice when he tried to skate. Here is a shot taken on the pond. I love that there are so many neighborhood children out on the ice. I wonder if you would see this today? My mother may be the adult in the picture. My sister is in the dark coat behind our Golden Retriever, Friar Tuck. I think my brother might be the boy in the front. Apparently I was not out skating walking around on metal runners strapped to my boots that day.

Here we are madly trying to row the boat away, but my sister is making sure we don't go too far! I am the blonde... and I can't decide if I am crying or whether I have chocolate pudding around my mouth! I'm thinking that I might be angry with my sister for foiling our get-away attempt!

I'd like to welcome new Blogger friends:

Jeff writes two blogs. One he calls Zoo Blog which he says "is designed to incorporate web-based technologies into science curricula." Being a teacher (one can never really be a 'former' teacher) I love the blog. Being a former 'Instructional Technology Specialist' for a school district, I LOVE seeing how technology is being used to help teachers teach and students learn. Well done, Jeff! Jeff's other blog The Path Called Life chronicles family happenings. Jeff has three darling girls, one of which is his wife!

Jenny Matlock has also become a blogger friend. Jenny hosts several blog community events on her blog, Jenny Matlock. She has Alphabe-Thursday, Saturday Centus and Story-time Tuesday.  I've enjoyed participating in them. What I really like is being able to connect to more bloggers through this sort of blog hop. 

So, welcome new Blogger friends. Thank you to all of my existing Blogger friends. I love you all!


  1. We lived on skates as kids too. Lived on a double deadend road full of kids. A swamp back in the woods had us all gathering there playing all sorts of games on ice. I grew up with hockey skates as well. Remember my first pair of figure skates and crashing big time face first.

  2. Brings back so many memories. It's great to have great days of just being a kid!


  3. A couple of years ago, I purchased a scanner/printer with software that corrected for dust, scratches, & faded color --- and it had a template for 35mm slides that allowed me to scan 4 slides at a time. It took a month (or more) for me to scan the slides from the late 1940s and early 1950s that my father took. This past year I contracted with an AV company to convert the surviving 8mm home movies to DVD so each of my sibs could have their own copies.

    IMHO, in this digital age, there is no reason why a sole copy of family "treasures" reside with just one of us. Keep scanning and creating captions as you (or your father) may have info that no one else remembers!


  4. We've been meaning to do this as well, my partner has thousands of slides in storage. Great pictures! So much fun to look through them all :)

  5. Very sweet! My brother is the keeper of the family slides. There's boxes and boxes of them.


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