Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tucker...You Must Wait

Mom! Oh, Mom...
Can you tell me again why I have to wait to go outside?

Because I want to get a video of you bounding through the snow!
My Blog friends would love to see it.
We have to wait until there is enough light.

I'm not sure I understand. 
I have to 'go' now!
Can't you make your Blog friends wait?

All day yesterday Tucker would bound off the back steps (4 of them) with such pure joy, bounding through the snow. I just had to get it on video! He's a natural show dog... he waited until he was out of camera range, behind the little Spruce tree, before he stopped to do his most urgent business!


  1. What a good boy! Tucker is too cute. That is the one thing I miss about our pretty much snowless winter. . .seeing the dogs play in the snow. They love it.

  2. Oh, Tucker! I've played this over and over, it is just so cute! I can't get enough of it. Hope you are doing OK with all that snow.

  3. boy do you have snow or what! I enjoyed the video! :)

  4. Yep, he is bounding alright. Got some kangaroo hop in him. He is a real cutie.

  5. Tucker does everything with enthusiasm!


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