Monday, February 13, 2012


Up until recently the consensus seems to have been 
that winter hasn't come to many places.
But over the past few days, that seems to have turned around. 
Old Man Winter heard us and decided to come for a visit. 

We have had more snow than we have had in recent years... 
But our temperatures have been very temperate - until last week.
Nothing below 0... but well below freezing.

Mama Boots has found a solution to cold nights in the barn -
Drink all of the water in the heated water bowl,
Then use it as a nest!

She cracked me up when I walked in to feed the horses...
Perched in her blue bowl.
She came out to rub against my leg,
Then climbed right back in again!
I'm thinking I should cave in and get her a heated bed...
Or maybe a sidekick to cuddle with!


  1. Smart Mama Boots! How cute! Old Man Winter decided to pay us a visit, too. Not so much with the snow, but the cold! Brrrr!

  2. Aw that's cute! Smart kitty. We must be in the banana belt here, sure feels like spring.

  3. How cute. That is one smart kitty. Got to give her credit for being creative.

  4. Your cat is brilliant! We have one who insists on staying in the barn part of the time and he has one of those thick cloth cube houses...jut big enough to snuggle in and he keeps it pretty warm (not to mention half a dozen other options).

  5. Such an enterprising cat deserves a heated bed.

  6. Ahhhhh what a cute and smart kitty! Onyx has a heated pad from PetEdge in his barn house. He's always toasty warm in the morning

  7. Poor Mama Boots! She's pretty smart, but I hope she doesn't burn her tush!!

  8. Yep, Mamma Boots is telling you something.

  9. That's a smart kitty. I bet she would love a heated pet bed.


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