Friday, February 10, 2012

LED the Way

This isn't Motel 6. We won't leave a light on for you! You won't need one! I can walk around my house on the darkest night and I never have to worry about tripping over the dog, or bumping into a piece of furniture, or groping for a light switch.

We have so many things with LED lights that it looks like we have a flock of Tinkerbell fairies settling down for the night. Have you noticed the population explosion of LED lights at your house?  It seems that everything comes with them now-a-days.

To name a few:
the DVR, 
our radio, 
the computer router, 
our toaster, 
the power connector on my laptop, 
a screen on the thermostat,
the controls on our electric blanket,
our smoke alarms,
the charger on my Kindle,
our printer,
the coffee maker,
the refrigerator,
my toothbrush...

The list is almost endless. 
Sure, they don't use much power.... 
but do we really need them? 
I am so tempted to get out the black electrical tape
and cover all of the little LEDs ...

but then I'd need to buy a night light!


  1. Heeeeehehehe. This is so true.

    Accordin' to the great Dr. Oz any light at all interrupts our deep rim sleep. Clock, little TV light...anything.

    It's no wonder we are a sleep deprived nation!!! Blame the gadgets....'just sayin'!!!

    God bless ya sweetie an have yourself a fantabulous weekend!!! :o)

  2. I know it can be terrible. My fantom drive (backup hard drive) has this terrible blue light, if we don't put something on it to block it, it lights up the entire front room - it is handy for getting around but also no one can sleep! lol.


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