Saturday, February 11, 2012

She Was Hot!

In honor of Jenny's sister's wedding, at the firehouse, we were to include, "the wedding was at the firehouse" in our post. 106 words in all.

This was fun to write. The outcome even surprised me a bit!

Follow the link back to Jenny Matlock's page to read more responses about this wedding!

They met in unusual circumstances. Isn’t that the best way? You could say he ‘swept her off her feet’. You could say she was ‘hot’! You wouldn’t be wrong. 
The alarm came into the firehouse. Firemen scrambled to pull on protective gear. All trucks responded to the blaze. The men swarmed the house. Some to the left, some to the right. Some inside. 
He carried her out of the conflagration. He administered oxygen as he gently cradled her in his arms.  She came to, looking into his amazing blue eyes. It was love at first sight. It seemed appropriate that the wedding was at the firehouse.


  1. last her knight and shining purr-fect dream boat come true...meow meow...oh I am so surprised at this ending too! It's marvelous!

  2. How fun! You did good! Sweet picture to go with your story. I hope will be very happy. (Is that legal?)

  3. Awesome! Love love love the photos... don't know if these are yours or not. But I saw a story on the news just a week or two ago about a fireman who gave a rescued cat mouth to mouth and revived sweet.

  4. I'm thinking that this was a match made in Heaven! You and I kinda went along the same lines for this one!

  5. You totally had I just too zoomed in on Valentine's Day? Love it!

  6. So sweet...your twist ending was really clever !!!

  7. Very well done! Hope the kitty was okay.

  8. This was so much fun and cute as could be.


  9. Romance is still alive, I see. Sweet tale of the heart.

  10. What a totally sweet SC! I loved this little story. It 'warmed' my heart. I can almost see this as a romance novel!

    And what fun it would be coming up with a clever name for it!

    Thanks for linking up!


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