Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chats....Anything But Bored

Oh my, is it Tuesday again? 
Where does the time go? 
This week has flown by!

I have a few friends who are also retired and they say they are bored. I just don't get it. I can't imagine how anyone could be bored! Gail, from At The Farm and I had a brief email conversation about this yesterday. She cracked me up by saying, "I don't think I could be bored in an empty silo with my hands tied!" I'm thinking if you did close me up in a silo, even without tying my hands, I might begin to get bored. But, around here there is so much to do; things I want to do and things I should do, that I could go 24/7/365 without stopping!

So, it's time to chat on the farmhouse porch with Patrice at Everyday Rurality. Click on the image to visit her site and link to other blogger's responses to Patrice's questions.

1. What's your favorite kind of salad?
I prefer salads with a bit of fruit and some sort of cheese; pears and gorgonzola or cranberry and blue cheese are among my favorites. When I was working we'd often have meetings at Applebee's. I'd almost always order their Asian salad with mandarin oranges, almond slices, Asian noodles and chicken. Oh, and put the dressing on the side, please. I don't care for salads that are drowning in salad dressing!

2. How old were you when you learned to cook?
Hahahaha... that's making an assumption that I learned!! Actually, I think I'm a fairly decent cook and hubby will probably back me up on that. I don't remember actually 'learning' though. I do recall trying to concoct something when I was about 10. I remember using my mother's metal measuring cup on the stove to mix some things. I liked that the cup looked just like a little pan. I remember that it had ketchup and brown sugar in it, childhood staples, right?! After cooking my 'dish' over the stove I put the hot cup on the placemat and melted it. Forever after 'my' placemat had a melted circle staring me in the face... making me feel guilty over and over again!

3. What's your favorite kind of store?
Oh my, that's a tough one. I'm not much of a shopper, but now and then I do enjoy strolling around stores. Even thrift stores are intriguing. I love book stores. Sporting goods stores are fun - but the new 'big box' ones don't intrigue me as much as the older, smaller versions. (However, I must confess that I like Bass Pro Shops!) I love cooking shops and gardening shops. I think the only stores that don't intrigue me are department stores, clothing or cosmetics.

4. If you could have lived during any other time in history, what time would that have been?
I am fascinated by the colonial period. I admire the 'spunk' of the women who endured that life. Even living in a log cabin in the woods or a shanty would have been interesting. But probably, of greatest interest to me, would be living in the industrial age... but only if I were rich enough to live on an estate. Oh, OK, just let me live in Biltmore in Asheville... that would have been neat!

5. I'm looking forward to _______
Oh, this is easy! I'm looking forward to working outside. I can't wait to begin gardening and trying to set the outside of this house to rights. Our main floor is almost the way we want it... now if we can only get the outside to look as pretty!

I hope you all have a great week! We're supposed to have some warm temperatures - maybe some of our snow will melt!

I do want to share that I am having some problems responding to blogs that have word verification required. Since blogger changed the format it is very difficult, sometimes, to decipher what the letters or numbers are that are required to post a comment. If you do not get a comment from me, it may be due to word verification problems. If I don't get it the first time, I usually give up!

See you next week!


  1. I like these chats! Very interesting.

    I am also interested about this Hobby Horse that is coming soon. . . :)

    1. I almost forgot that I put the Hobby Horse image up on the sidebar. I will have to get to it soon!
      Thanks for reminding me!

  2. I love the Biltmore answer too and am also just dying to get outside in the garden.

  3. When I retired, someone said to me "But what will you doooo all day?" Are you kidding? I never stop! There really are not enough hours in the day, and I'm so behind on all I want/need to do!

  4. Beautiful blog! I'm a new follower, and hope you will join me! I'm trying to get rid of Google's new word verification!
    McGuffy's Reader

  5. Love your Stamp out Word Verification photo!
    Those pioneer women had harsh lives..except for the really wealthy..but I find their lives interesting:)

  6. I'm glad I got rid of my word verification. TexWis talked me into it. :) You have good taste in salads. I hope you get the outside of your place to the point of making you happy. We are working on the interior, but spring calls and our farm is our business, so we'll see how much gets done.

  7. p.s. Bored isn't in my vocabulary, but tired sure is!


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