Friday, February 3, 2012

New Snow and New Friends

Hay, Doc. 
Move your big butt.
It isn't Nanook of the North
or even the Abominable Snowlady...
It's our Mrs. Owner!

Of course, I missed the 'perfect' picture! What you didn't get to see was Pippin's face looking at me with some concern from over Doc's back. He picked a safe vantage point to check out the person invading their barn! I was wearing my fur-lined cap with a visor and ear flaps, and probably looked like some very strange person to him.

I have some new friends who are following my blog. I'd like to welcome Sara, Liesl, and janprestatyn. Their profile pictures do not lead me to a blog, so I don't know too much about them at this time. Janine is another new friend. She writes Hoofprints of Enzo and Kaspin. Janine practices Parelli horsemanship with Enzo, her friesian and Kaspin, her Haflinger gelding. Recently Janine put up a video showing Kaspin's reaction to her inflated alligator! What a cute horse!

Here's a pretty picture of our snow
Which is still coming down
And the wind still blows!


  1. I am not jealous! No siree. Of course it is water for later on, but right now its winter. We are finally drying up enough I can get out and walk.


  2. I am jealous of the snow! At least it covers the mud.

  3. Show us when you build a snowhorse!

  4. I;m jealous of the snow too. When snow falls here, it melts after a day or two, so no need to go through all the shoveling, sanding, salting, etc. No snow this year though.How funny you scared the horses. I would have loved to see a picture of you!

  5. very pretty picture of the snow! Glad the guys finally realized it was you. I'm sure they were relieved to see you (and the food too of course!)

  6. You snow photo is so much nicer than my mud one!!!

  7. Looks like the weatherman was right!

  8. Patrice - I cracked up at your 'snow horse' comment. When I was about 9 and lived in the NE, I would make snow horses instead of snowmen. I'd also 'ride' them. One time my brother made fun of my snow horse. My mom started laughing too.... so I ran away, for an hour, maybe!

    I added a picture of me, dressed to go down and feed 'lunch'. I have snowshoes on... but you can't really tell!

  9. Yuck to all that snow! No thanks!

  10. Your follower Liesl might be of
    Are you guys staying warm? I'm ready for this to stop. It's hard walking to the barn through the drifts.

  11. Love the photos! We haven't had any significant snow in Oklahoma this winter. I'm ready for some! -Jeff


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