Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hay, Doc, where were you?
I whinnied and ran around to 
look for you (once I finished
eating my hay)... 
and you never answered.

Ach! Our Mrs. Owner took me
 to the riding clinic. 
I wish she had taken you.

Oh, I don't envy you. That's hard work - 
four hours of going around and around.
Walking and trotting and having  our
Mrs. Owner pushing you from side to
side with her legs. How annoying!

The worst part was the loping.
I don't understand why old ladies 
even want to lope.

What! Our Mrs. Owner is eloping?
I thought she was already married to
that guy who always hangs around her.

Sigh. Yes, she's married.
She can't elope.

Cantaloupe? Is that the same as
saying a person is 'nuts'?

 I said, "loping".... 
You know...



  1. Canta-loping . . . . hahahaha . . . . funny post!!! Did you draw the picture? Too cute!!

  2. Too funny! I am cracking up, eloping, cantaloupe! Haha!

    How did the clinic go with Doc?

    1. Doc surprised me. He did a wonderful job and didn't whinny for Pippin until we were through with the clinic and heading out to the trailer.
      Our only mishap was that Doc fell down when I was trying to load him to go to the clinic. I was making him go around, since he had decided he wouldn't load. He slipped in the snow and went flat out on his side. I'm not sure whose eyes were larger! But... he seemed to be fine then... and today.

    2. Yay for Doc! And you!! And I am glad that he is okay from his fall :)

  3. Funny! I wish I could read animal minds...or maybe it's good that I can't.

    1. Uh... I think you may be right. I'm not sure I want to know what the boys are thinking as I bounce around on them! I'm sure they have some sort of negative comments to make!!

  4. Adorable self portrait. You and Doc did a great job loping.

    1. Ahhh, gee... thanks! I enjoyed trying to capture the moment!
      I really enjoyed the loping. I was proud of Doc.

      Misty seemed to do quite well, also!
      Are you as sore as I am today?
      Doc isn't easy to move... he takes a lot of leg.

  5. You boys are pretty funny:) Thanks for the smile:)

  6. 4 hours??? I'm with Pippin - too much work for this old lady.

    1. The clinic was from 1 to 5. We started a bit late, but we did have a few breaks. But... I was in the saddle for almost all of the 4 hours. I can tell that today! However, I did take Pippin across the road for an hour. We did about 30 minutes of ground work and another 30 in the saddle. Ugh!

      Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  7. That's pretty creative for horses! How do you guys think of these things? Funny.

    Cindy Bee

  8. It seems that the "bottom" over-flowing the chair seat has motivated you to exercise, exercise, exercise!


  9. Camryn here: I feel for ya dude, not just for falling down either. But, all that work YUGH! You'd have thought falling down would get you a vacation from the work. Mmmmm, perhaps that's what caused the fall?
    I've never been eloped under saddle, so guess I'm a cantelope?
    The drawing is soooo cute.

  10. lol! Cute post. Your adorable drawing is so funny. :)
    Sounds like a fun clinic...well...for you anyway. hehe!


  11.'s cantaloupe!!! Very cute post~


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