Monday, February 20, 2012


LuckyBunny passed the Versatile Blogger award on to me. She writes Our Forest Haven. I feel so honored! Thank you for thinking of me!

The rules for this award include that you write a post listing 7 things about yourself, and then pass the award along to fifteen other bloggers. 

First, I thought I'd share what the dictionary says about 'versatile'....(I LOVE having my computer dictionary at my finger tips... and it makes me think of all of those years of teaching children how to use the dictionary.... I know they still teach those skills, but at what point will that skill set become a lost art?)

versatile |ˈvərsətl|adjectiveable to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities: a versatile sewing machine | he was versatile enough to play either position.archaic changeable; inconstant.
So, I've decided to change that up a bit. I am going to write 7 things about me that prove how versatile I can be! So here we go....

  1. I usually sip coffee (soda in the afternoon), watch television AND write blog posts or comments at the same time. I use a MacBook Pro that I purchased from my son when he upgraded to a bigger, better, faster, smaller machine, and I sit in a comfy chair in my living room.
  2. I enjoy many different hand crafts: knitting, crocheting, sewing (including hand smocking and French 'hand' sewing by machine), appliqué and now... rug hooking.
  3. I wanted to get a pasta machine to make my pasta dough thin enough to use for ravioli, but I found a "Pasta Express" machine at the thrift store and came home with that instead. I love it. I get my water on the stove, my pasta sauce bubbling and then I put the ingredients in the machine, turn it on... it mixes it, then with a flick of the switch, it extrudes the pasta through the die I have selected. I can't wait to experiment with different types of pasta now.
  4. I have trained several dogs to perform obedience maneuvers and have titled one dog. I have trained Tucker to do basic obedience. We have also done some agility activities; jumps and tunnels. But, I can not make the dog come!!! There's a leak in my versatility, I guess!
  5. For an aging lady (I won't cave in to 'old') I am still pretty active. Not only do I ride my horses and run around with them a bit when I do some long reining, but I have begun to do indoor climbing, I can ride a bike (and chew gum at the same time) and I enjoy snow shoeing. I have participated in some horseback riding clinics and have even passed 'versatility' on to my horses by doing a bit of Ranch Horse Versatility training with them!
  6. Although technology is beginning to outpace me, I am still quite adept at maneuvering through and around different software programs and/or web pages. I can write a little HTML code and I can still put together a mean PowerPoint!
  7. In redoing our home I have: painted walls, ceilings, soffits and railings; tiled floors, tub surrounds, and back splashes; installed can light conversions (which only require that I get up on a ladder... but one of those ladders was pretty high); installed wood flooring; crafted nifty dividers for the kitchen drawers; planted, staked, watered, and wrapped trees; and I have moved landscaping rocks and reworked planting beds. I am sure I will demonstrate additional versatile behaviors as we continue to transform our project house!

And to pass it on....

I'm gonna change this one up, too. I am bestowing this award to all of you that meet this criteria:
  1. I follow your blog.... and you follow my blog
  2. You post at least once a week (or, at least think about posting once a week).
  3. You respond to comments, at least once in a while - either on your blog or via email, or even by mumbling a response as you read the blog.
  4. As you live your life you hear something, or see something, or take a picture of something, or read something, and you think: "Oh, that would make a great blog post" and some day we will read about it on your blog.
I nominate any and all bloggers who fit the criteria I have adapted for this award! Congratulations!
Please leave a comment or send me an email with your acceptance!


  1. Haha, I'm really impressed you can ride a bike and chew gum at the same time! :) Had fun reading your 7 things, and you deserved it!

  2. Your hooked rug is WOW! I had fun reading your 7 things also!


  3. The seven things you posted is just the beginning of a l-o-n-g list of your versatile traits/behaviors!


  4. Oh very cool, congrats!!!! I loved reading your 7 things!!! Thanks, Janine!

  5. Dreaming - I absolutely adore your blog, and was going to give you the Versatile Blogger award myself this week, but someone beat me to it. So here ya go *pastes invisable award here* I give you the Honorary Versatile Blogger award, too! Thanks for having such a Great Blog!


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