Thursday, February 16, 2012

Please Prove You Are Not A Robot

OK, Blogger. I've just about had it with you! You have turned the corner, and I don't like the direction you are traveling! (If I addressed you that way, would you be scarified? Maybe the tiniest bit intimidated?)

Word verification was OK. Sometimes it was amusing to see what 'word' you would provide. Uncannily, sometimes those 'words' would somehow fit the post. They often put my imagination in gear as I would think of meanings for them.

But this new Word Verification $%!+ is driving me crazy! I thought it was a new setting that one of my blogger friends had selected when I responded yesterday. It took me four tries! But no, you have changed the format on all blogs that require word verification. I guess I just don't 'get it'!

Is it a sign of age that sometimes I can't 'see' the letters for the blob?  
Oh and Blogger, why did you make the letters blurry?
 I just paid good money to have new glasses made,
'Cause I don't like seeing things 'blurry'!

Prove I'm not a robot? Do I look like a robot?
Do I sound like a robot?
If I were a robot I wouldn't have wrinkles,
I wouldn't have arthritis...
I wouldn't be typing this blog post!

Then I notice, when I don't get the letters correct,
I get a reprimand: 
The characters you entered didn't match the word verification. 
Please try again.

In red ink!
I feel like a school kid getting a paper back from my English teacher.
It's not a comforting feeling, Mr. Blogger.

And, by the way, 
if you got a message from me that says absolutely nothing...
It's because when I do mistype the words, 
the new form comes up...
without my comment!

So, dear Blog friends, if it seems that I am not responding to your posts, if you aren't seeing comments from me, it's not because I'm not reading your post. It's not because I'm not interested in saying, 'Howdy' or reacting to what you have written.... it's because Blogger has driven me over the edge and I refuse to play the game!


You shouldn't have to play the game to comment on my Blog. I turned word verification off a long time ago. I discovered I didn't get that much spam... in fact, the Blogger spam filter seems to catch what little there is of it.

So, is it just me who is a wee bit irritated by having to go through some sort of intelligence (or lack thereof) test to comment on a friend's blog?
Am I the only one who is irritated by this?

OK... so now that I've had my say... I feel a bit better! I think! 
At least until I try to comment on a Blog!


  1. I agree! This sucks! There are other ways to avoid spam. You can have to approve comments before they are posted. Or you can just delete spam as it comes. I am anti caputcha.

  2. Hey. . .FYI! I just posted this to you blog without word verification! Happy Days :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. LOL, I removed mine! So when people post they don't have to go through this mess. I think some people don't realize you don't have to have it on their blog? Anyway, very funny post! And hang in there!!!

    1. How do you remove it?? I have been looking and looking for that .. I'm at http:/

      Thank you for any information on this bad situation.. I was wondering why I was not getting any responds to my new blogs.. as Multily had decided to end.. we all decided to come to blogger...

  5. (I originally tried entering this on my phone but it came out formatted poorly so a do-over from my laptop.)

    A couple interesting notes.
    1. That style if captcha actually has two words in it so that they can use the Internet to
    Help translate books the computer can't handle. (Generally the word without the circle on it is one they want converted.)
    2. The reason they warp and twist and circle the one word is because if they didn't there are now computer programs that would get it right only slightly less
    Often than humans. Which defeats the point.
    3. The refresh and the speaker icon to the right of the box are useful. The refresh icon gives you a different thing to try to read. The speaker will actually switch to trying to get you to type in a phrase that they will read to you.

  6. I didn't realize they changed the format of the word verification. Unfortunately, I did get a lot of spam the last time I turned WV off, but if it is now a pain to leave a comment, then it's probably best to turn it off. I won't leave comments on sites that require me to fill in a form with my name, website, etc. I just say my comment out loud to myself or think it in my head and move on to the next blog.

    I used to test websites and would always push for the developers to use the least restrictive level of word verification, because I am an old lady with poor eyesight, even with corrective lenses, and I have a hard enough time reading cooking instructions in small print on boxes. I don't need the added stress of trying to decipher something my eyes won't pick up. My rule was that if I had to push the refresh button more than once, the security was too intense.

  7. You've touched on a very irritating subject for me too. I hate word verification. You are right - blogger does a good job of catching spam and this is just a waste of time. Some of my favorite bloggers use it, but I may to quit commenting with this new format.

  8. I agree- I often don't post a comment if the verification looks too hard. I read a great post before that said, "unless you have had an overwhelming problem with spam, there is NO REASON to have the word verification! I don't use it for this very reason- I think we should spread the message that other people should eliminate it as well.

  9. Great post. My blood pressure starts going sky-high when I have to do these ridiculous robot excluding tests. I turned mine off long ago and have also found that the spam catch is decent. It's a lot easier to delete the spam than it is to push this torture onto your readers.


  10. I believe (and will check again) that I too turned off word verification. I also noticed that blogger moved to the two word format the past few days/week- annoyingly hard to read.

  11. No word verification on my blog either, I find it really annoying. I probably won't be leaving comments on the blogs that have this type of word verification, and it's not up to me to tell folks to turn off their word verification. I think if they stop getting comments, they'll figure it out. I get very little spam, maybe 3 or 4 comments a year.

  12. mmmmm, don't know if I have word verification on mine?
    What annoys me is after I've written a comment then hit publish, I'm invited to create a blog rather than having my comment published

  13. Tee hee. I like your word veri picture for the word verification. I will turn word verif off on my blog soon.

  14. I've been out of hte bloging loop for a couple weeks, and hadn't noticed that it was so bad! My goodness, if it's anythign like the examples you've posted, I'm a lost cause! I think blogger can be more user friendly and still block the robots from posting without blocking genuine readers too! You're the second person to post on this in my blog roll. Maybe blogger will get the point. I'd rather sort through a few spam comments than loose genuine comments. If people don't want spam comments posted, then they can just set their blog comments to be approved before posting. Problem solved!

  15. I am with you..I will be stopping my comments on blogs that require this crazy word verification. My blog has been word verification free for a long time..bloggers spam filter gets all the spam anyway. I think I will add something to my comment box that says I am a word verification free blog and do not comment on blogs that have it..what do you think of that? :)

  16. Pretty sure I never turned mine on, lol.

  17. I completely agree! I can barely read the font, and now it's two tone, two words! What a pain.

  18. I must be lucky as WV is usually quite generous in what it will accept as replicating the "magic words". If I really mess up one and/or both words, WV gives me words that are much easier to read --- and type.

    Heaven forbid that ANYONE would conside my response to be "spam"!!!


  19. Join the club. What a pain in the butt!!!!! How can we get rid of this new robot crap?

  20. I agree. I've not had word verification on my blog for over a year and don't ever intend to. I just moderate each comment which is simple and a much kinder thing to do for my readers. Like you said, there is rarely any SPAM anyway.
    What really annoys me are those people who not only have word verification, but who also moderate each comment posted on their blog, too. Why do the double whammy?

    I refuse to comment on those blogs now. I just don't have the time or interest to play games with the word verification anymore.


  21. I noticed the change too and I thought it was someones personal setting, until just now when I read this. So, this must mean that my blog is doing the same thing. I'm going to change it right now. I've had a couple of comments not go through too and I didn't know why. hmmmmmmm.....

    Cindy Bee


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