Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Home Again, Home Again

We made it home after three days of driving. Granted, we didn't drive miles and miles each day, but we probably had about 20 hours behind the windshield. Mr. Dreamy is becoming a proficient driver of big vehicles and earned a gold star for getting in our gate without any problems whatsoever. Oh, and he turned the big beast around in our driveway. Amazing!
I amused myself as he drove by watching corn fields.... and fields of corn. I saw my fair share of alfalfa in all stages: growing, drying and in the process of being baled. We noted that some farmers mow their fields at great speed, while others take a bit more time. We drove by a lot of dried, golden fields that were probably brown before their time. The drought is terrible.
The other thing that entertained me was driving by signs for towns that I know of in another location. Here is a list of a few of the towns with signs on the Interstates, in the order in which we passed them on our trip home. The state where I associate the name of the town, not where the town is actually located,  is in parenthesis:

A. Decatur (Georgia)
B. LaGrange (Georgia)
C. Ottowa (Ontario, Canada)
D. Geneseo (New York)
E. Rochester (Minnesota)
F. York (Pennsylvania)
G. Williamsburg (Virginia)
H. Corning (New York)
I. Aurora (Colorado)
J. Lexington (Kentucky)
K. Hudson (New York)

If this had been our itinerary, our map would have looked like this: missing the beginning and ending points:
Now, that would be some sort of crazy trip!!

Being a former teacher of Gifted and Talented kids, and loving puzzles myself, I decided to challenge any of you who like this sort of thing, to see if you can figure out our actual itinerary. Can you determine the actual states we drove through as we saw the signs for these towns on the Interstate highways? Our beginning point was actually about 60 miles north of Decatur, somewhere. Our end point, home, is about 45 miles south of Hudson, Somewhere. The winner will get dinner and a ride in the motorhome when we are in your neighborhood! I'll share the real map of our trip home on a later post. 
It's big... but the picture makes it look a lot bigger than it is!
Oh, and see those lovely clouds?
We had five drops of rain per square foot. 
We did get to see a partial rainbow, however.
At least someone is getting rain!


  1. Geography is *NOT* my strong suit, so I am not even going to begin to determine your itineray. Besides, you've already advised that you will be in my "neighborhood" in October, so I don't need to eat or ride in the RV. :-)


  2. Love the rainbow shot. Wow, that RV is HUGEmongous!

  3. Welcome home with you new wheels. Well if you come to Minnesota..I want a ride and dinner!! I THINK that you started from Sioux Falls South Dakota drove down I 29 then I 80 across Nebraska..entered Colorado and you might have ended your trip near Parker Colorado..maybe I am not very good with distances:)

  4. Ok, I'll play! You started out in Alabama and travelled through Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, and then home to Colorado. If this is the case, why Iowa as it isn't on a direct route home?

  5. Put the names of the cities/towns in the order you saw them starting with the one nearest your "RV Purchase Site" and ending with the one closest your home in CO. TIA!


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