Sunday, August 5, 2012

Blogger Acting Up

For the past few days the layout of my Blog has changed.... and I didn't knowingly do a thing to it.
All of the information that is normally on the sidebar on the right is now under my posts. However, when I go to the layout view... it shows that my posts should be on the left, taking up about 2/3 of the page, and all of my miscellaneous items are on the right. Like this...

If I switch back to view the page, it's still messed up.
Is this happening to any of you?

We are on the road again...

A bug-smeared view of the Payette River

The ONLY way to get a drink from Lake Fork River.
Gypsy, being a lady, didn't want to get her toes wet!

Coming out of the pine forests in Idaho

Happy puppies!


  1. I haven't been able to post for a while. Blogger eats everything I write. I'm wondering of my comment will even go thru here!

    1. Your comment came through. I guess I'll just have to give Blogger a few more days to get things straight.

    2. I was wondering why I haven't heard from you!

  2. Geez, hope that's an isolated incident and goes away soon! Did you try restarting/cleaning out cached files? Might help get rid of the wacky stuff.

    Cute & happy puppies!

  3. I wonder if you are in a mobile view of some sort..from a mobile device:) Scenery is good even with the bugs on the windshield:)

  4. Gotta get myself some of those wine glasses :) Love the pictures of the pups, looks like a beautiful area!

  5. I had a few months of strange things going on ...but then one day it all seemed back to normal ...Go figure!
    Love the scenic shots....looks fun

  6. I've had a few days of strange problems here and there, but they usually fix themselves.

    Have a fun trip, again :)

  7. Its normal to encounter technical difficulties or problems. Don't worry it all will be okay.

  8. You must have gotten it fixed, because it looks like it always does to me.

  9. It is so cool to see the pups so bonded "." Love the travel photos even thru bug smears LOL


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