Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop - Week 24: At The Hop

As I write I am humming and singing:

Well, you can rock it you can roll it
You can stop it you can stroll it
At the hop.
When the record starts spinning
You calypso when you chicken 
At the hop.
Do the dance sensation 
that's been sweeping the nation at the hop.

Ah, let's go to the hop
Let's go to the hop
Oh baby, Let's go to the hop
Oh baby, let's go to the hop.
Come on, let's go to the hop.

Luckily, I have spared you the music. It seems that the Playlist program I've used before to put annoying music on my blog post has changed, and I can't quite figure how to get the code for the song. It must be your lucky day!  If you want accompaniment, you'll just have to hum and sing along and imagine it playing!

I want to welcome a new follower. Ashley has just begun following my blog. She has an oversized Haflinger AKA a Belgian draft horse! It looks like Ashley has just started her blog, The Bitless Draft. I can't wait to read more about her adventures with her horse!
I think I also forgot to introduce another follower, Denise at Autumn Sky Ranch. I think I'd prefer to follow Denise on her blog rather than go visit her right now. She reports that it was 108 today! Ugh!

Well, now, Let's go to the hop...
In case you are new... or as a reminder:
Each week I'll post two or three prompts. 
Choose one or respond to all. Don't forget!!
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Hobby Horse Blog Hop Prompts - Week 24:
  1. What's the 'next' horse/dog/cat/pet you would consider acquiring? Do you tend to plan and purposefully acquire animals, or do they just seem to find you?
  2. Pet food: are you particular about ingredients or will any kind do?  Do you have a fussy eater?
  3. Camping? Motel 6, RV, tent or 'no way'!
My answers:

1. I am still so very much in love with Haflingers - but when I think of getting a 'new' one, I realize that it wouldn't be Pippin or Doc and I'm not so sure it would be fair on a new guy or gal - I might compare them to my previous horses. I like the concept of a Morgan, but when I went to the Morgan show the horses I saw are NOT what I had in mind. I want a low-key, adapt-to-anything kind of horse. The show horses looked awfully.... showy!

I run about 50/50 on planned acquisitions and found animals. Pippin and Doc were actually not purposeful acquisitions. We had planned to get horses in the future - but we fell in love with them at the auction and we bought them on the spur of the moment. In fact, we had to rush home, before they were delivered, and get the paddock ready. We had to buy buckets, brushes, hay and the basics for horse care on our way home. 
We have always had two dogs. We knew that we wanted to get a dog to keep Tucker company, and we knew we wanted to rescue a dog. We are thrilled with Gypsy. She is a wonderful addition to our family.
The night before Gypsy came to live with us we ran to Petco to get the food she had been eating. They had the cutest cat for adoption. We came very close to having a 2nd cat!

2. I usually buy a name brand grocery store variety of food for the cat and dogs. However, I have just switched to foods that don't have corn meal as their main ingredient. Tucker isn't eating as much bulk as he used to, and even though the new food is more concentrated,  I'm not convinced that he is getting enough calories. I wish I had that problem!
With the horses I was always very particular about the quality of the hay and feed that they received. I used a Purina product to supplement their hay and to give them consistent amounts of protein and fat.

3. We used to go tent camping. When we were first married we went on a 100+ mile trip through Algonquin Park in Canada. We traveled by canoe and portaged everything between lakes. I love the idea of being out in the wild, but I'm not certain I would be able to sleep on the ground again, and now nice weather is a requirement for my outdoor activity. I actually would prefer a camper to most motels. I'm not that much of a 'neat-nik' but some hotel/motel rooms give me the heebie-jeebies! For the last two years of my career I spent some time on the road. One of my colleagues carried her own sleeping bag and pillow. I wasn't that bad... but I was considering it!

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  1. I thought that no Haflinger could compare to Mia. When I got Shy, I did a lot of comparing. But eventually, I just realized that they are different and amazing in their own ways.

    I would love to see you get another Haflinger (but I am not partial to them or anything. . .)!

  2. Estes is half Morgan, half QH. She can be all sorts of "showy" when she wants to be and is very forward moving. Lots of go, not a whole lot of whoa for Her Highness.

    I'm just cruising around, trying to get caught up on my reading, so I hope to be linked up by Sunday evening.

  3. Thanks for another Blog Hop. Would you mind posting the code so I can get the blog hop list for my own post?

    1. Carla, I did the code a bit differently and I can't seem to post it. If you send me your email I'll try it that way.


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