Wednesday, August 29, 2012

If Dogs Could Talk

What do you think Gypsy is saying?

While we were on the road we had a few flies 
who decided to hitchhike with us.
I got out the fly swatter.
Look at the pitiful posture Gypsy displays.
All we can figure is that she was hit with a fly swatter before.
Poor girl!


  1. Poor girl..I hope she isn't hand shy. :(

  2. awe poor baby! Your motor home is HUGE !!! I'm sure it takes some getting used to - and you can't just run through McDonalds drive through with it... can you?

  3. Not necessarily been hit with one- my collies do that with anything that makes a sharp noise, and I know for sure they've never been hit- I raised them- it's just part of their nature to be worried or upset at sharp noises. They even go hide when I bring the cherry pitter out! Bet your dog doesn't like thunder and lightning too.

  4. Poor baby!! She is lucky to have found you guys :)

  5. Could be just the opposite is true and she's never seen a fly swatter before. Some herding breeds do have a tendancy to duck. Corgis in particular instinctivly duck and roll out of the way of hooves for instance. Just a thought

  6. Poor baby. With your love she'll be okay, no matter what triggers this behavior.

  7. awww....don't you just wonder what goes on in their heads.

    Cindy Bee


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