Friday, August 31, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop - 26: Color-Fall

As much as I am enjoying life on the road, it is also good to be home. 

The dogs stayed home with our wonderful house sitter. She loves staying at our home, bringing her two dogs and four horses. So this time she had four dogs to take care of, with Gypsy being the smallest! Gyspy fell in love with the house sitter's huge Golden Retriever named Clyde. I think she is a bit out of sorts with Clyde being gone. She seems to be moping around a bit. But, Clyde will be back. We are dog sitting for the house sitter in a few weeks. Now, this is getting mighty confusing!
The four black beasties are now tarp trained. And they did it all by themselves. Such clever horses! They decided to pull the 16' X 20' tarp off of the hay while I was gone. To do this, they had to reach through the bars of the Priefert panels and stretch their noses at least two feet to reach the tarp. Of course, one would think this would be easier with slim, Thoroughbred necks rather than with squatty Haffie necks!
Regardless, Pippin and Doc, on more than one occasion, managed to raid the hay pile, although they generally reached under the tarp, leaving it in place. The black beasties pulled the tarp off of the hay, through the bars and then out into the paddock. Add another chore for the house sitter: washing the tarp! It was a bit messy after they were finished with their tarp training!
Shall we chat?
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Hobby Horse Blog Hop Prompts - Week 26:
  1. The big, black beasties have gone back to their home now. I miss having them in the paddock. I've never had a black horse before, and I was in awe of how they glistened in the sun. If you could get another horse, or house pet, what color/breed might you be attracted to?
  2. Ugh, I really should stop working on this post and get out and water the trees and our gardens. It certainly isn't a difficult chore, it is just time consuming. What chore(s) do you find distasteful for whatever reasons?
  3. Shorter days, cooler nights.... fall is certainly on its way. What are your plans or goals for fall?
My answers:
1. I have really come to love paints and bold Appaloosa's, as far as horses are concerned. As for dogs? Give me something that doesn't shed! We are awash with dog hair - everywhere!
2. Well, I think I answered that question already. Other chores that are a chore? Hmmm... sweeping up dog hair and vacuuming? Well, not so much - there are worse things. 
3. I have travel in my plans. Even before we bought the motorhome we had scheduled a fabulous trip - partly in celebration of our 40th anniversary. Yeah... I've been married longer than some of you have been alive! That means, you could be my kid!! In addition to the BIG trip (Rochester, NY for my HS reunion, FL to visit family, then a cruise through the Panama Canal, SanFrancisco to see my son and then home) we have two weekend trips planned with the RV. We are going to Pueblo, CO on two different weekends to camp with different groups; a "Good Sam's" group (it's a camping organization) and a rally for Allegro RV owners. 
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  1. I can picture Camryn actually bending the gate to get at it. And yes, there is a reason I know she'd do this!!!

  2. Black animals are sooooo special. Someday, I am going to get another black poodle. However, I understand that black dogs are usually the last to be adopted from the shelter. Is this because they do not photography well?

    Chores --- ????

    After my Sept. trip to Ireland and my Oct. trip to Texas and the mountains of western GA or NC, I suspect that I will be ready for a couple of weeks at home. Let's just hope that no evacuation due to a hurricane in the Atlantic is on the agenda!


    1. I have a black poodle and he is the best dog in the world - and yes he is very hard to photograph. It's like having an empty space in the middle of the shot :)

  3. I have now energy today, but I liked the questions a lot so I will answer here: 1. Dogs usually found us, so I was never breed specific. Then came Angel, and if I were young, I would rescue German shepherd dogs from now on. 2. I don't like blinds and I don't like to clean them. They are here because my hubby put them up when he fixed up the house. 3. I hope to have friends come and visit the canyon when the weather cools off a bit. I also want to tackle some weeds that are getting out of hand, but it's too hot right now for that.

    1. I'm glad you wanted to respond. Oh my, cleaning blinds certainly is tedious. My house came with blinds in almost every room.
      I would think that German Shepherds are one of the more difficult breeds for which rescue centers or shelters to find a forever home. I'm know you've shared so much about Angel that many readers may have come to a different point of view about that breed. Good for you!

  4. If you're coming all the way to Pueblo, you might as well stay on I25 a bit more and head up to Allenspark. We could go for a ride....

  5. If you go for a ride with GunDiva, take lots of photos!! That would be sweet :)
    And I hear you on the shedding! I have blonde long hairs and undercoat everywhere, plus little black eyelash hairs everywhere else!


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