Monday, August 27, 2012

Blame it on the Internet

I'm in Trouble Again!

As I type this, Saturday evening, I am at a destination far, far from home (destination to be revealed in a future post). Very strange! As you may recall, I just returned from my 25-day jaunt around the northwest on Monday evening. Since that time, (in only 6 days) either Mr. Dreamy or I have:
  • taken my dad to a briefing about mediation regarding legal fees in his divorce
  • picked up the car that had hail damage repaired (actually, we refused their first attempt and had to return a day later after they had finished the job)
  • accompanied my dad to the mediation - which did not go in his favor :-p   But the mess should be totally behind him
  • looked at RV's on the Internet (I'm not sure if I mentioned that we began looking at motor homes on our trip - we saw them in Washington, Montana and Colorado)
  • traveled to two different RV dealers in our area to look at motorhomes
  • drove an RV we liked
  • found the RV at a super deal on the Internet
  • talked with the sales staff at the distant RV dealership
  • arranged for financing for the RV
  • bought one airline ticket for Mr. Dreamy to fly and drive the RV home
  • arranged for the funds to be wire transferred
  • talked to our financial advisor
  • checked to see if the wonderful house/dog sitter could come for a few days on very short notice
  • arranged to purchase another airline ticket for me
  • called our insurance guy to arrange for coverage
  • talked with the salesman about the details of his picking us up at the airport
  • arrived in our distant destination
  • signed the paperwork to finalize the deal
  • spent the night on our new RV in the parking lot of the dealership
  • had necessary repairs and punch list items taken care of
  • spent another night in our new 'home' - again, in the parking lot
  • headed home!
It's all the Internet's fault! Had we not seen this deal, we would never have been thinking of looking for a motorhome anywhere outside our state. But, because we can 'see' everything, everywhere by way of the Internet, things moved a bit faster - I'm thinking faster than 'the speed of light', or at least faster than the old dial-up modems!

Mr. Dreamy and I are still pinching ourselves and asking, 
"Is this just a dream?" 


  1. Swing by and pick me up! That is awesome!

  2. The RV is soooo handsome! It will be great fun for all of you. Will you sell your camper or use it for short trips on which opt to "rough it"? Too bad your dad no longer has "the bus". Obviously, you have RVing in your blood!


  3. I bet you went south for it! Congrats on your new wheels:)

  4. Enter into a life of adventure!
    ** Got your passports?**


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