Monday, August 20, 2012

25 Days in 25 Feet

We have returned from our 25 day trip in our 25 foot trailer. 

We had a fabulous time.
Neither of us... nor the dogs... wanted to come home!
In fact, if you look closely, you can see Gypsy under the trailer.
Do you see her now?
It's a lousy picture, but she's under the right corner.
You can see the white tip of her tail.

Gypsy's not sure just what defines 'home'.
She has spent more of her time with us living in the trailer
than she has in our house!
She wasn't sure she wanted to come into the house.

Here is a map of our trip.
Each pin is a stopping point for one or more nights. 
Google maps says that we traveled 3,286 miles.
Hubby feels every one of those miles.
The ride in the truck, pulling the trailer, 
is not especially smooth.

So...what other options are there?

How about this rig?
We saw this setup on our first night out in Rock Springs, WY.
It was part of a Holiday Rambler group 
following the Oregon Trail. 
This couple has the mother of all fifth wheelers,
hauled by some sort of big a$$ truck,
and yes, that's a Smart car behind the truck. 
This picture was taken at Rock Springs, WY on July 27. 
The date is only significant in that we passed this
very same rig the day before yesterday,
on a mountain pass between Missoula, MT and 
our stop in Big Timber.
Did you 'get it'???
We. Passed. It! 
Our little Toyota Tundra passed this big a$$ truck!
Ha! Maybe our rig isn't so bad wimpy puny after all!
But, what are the odds of running into the same folks, 
almost three weeks later,
in a different state, going a different direction?
Hmmm... makes me wonder!


  1. I loved reading about your trip! What a great time.
    Any more trips planned?

  2. Welcome home! Traveling like a turtle (carrying your home with you) is the way to go --- especially if there are pets with you.


  3. So you had a good time huh? I have a 70 year old...come to think of it, she just had a birthday...71 and she travels all over the United States in a travel trailer. I sometimes think I'd like to get one, then I wonder if I just prefer a motel. You really loved it huh.....I'm gonna think on it some more.

    Cindy Bee

  4. Perhaps it's because you were traveling such a popular touring route. That's actually a route that I hope to travel's been on my bucket list now for a few years. I've been as far as Wyoming, but haven't visited any of the other states on that route yet.
    Traveling is so much fun, but I bet it's so great to finally be home again. And soon Gypsy won't be feeling like such a gypsy anymore and will settle right into her new home....without wheels :)


  5. That was quite a trip and on some of my favorite western roads. I envy the scenery that you saw. I bet Gypsy will settle in nicely after a few days:)

  6. Hey, when you went through Idaho, you weren't too far from us; we live 6 miles north of the border at the Porthill crossing.

  7. I'm glad you had a great time, but I bet it felt wonderful to sink into your bed that first night you were home. I hope Gypsy got her land legs back. I take it Tucker made himself right at home upon your return? Guys can do that easier than the ladies, I think.

    Amazing rig with the huge 5th wheel and wee smart car. Wow. Now that is someone who really embraces the RV lifestyle. Maybe that is their full time home.


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