Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our Side Trip to Tuscany

It seems we travelled through some sort of vortex or black hole and ended up in Tuscany on our recent trip. We swung through the wine country of Washington and spent time in Prosser. A number of the wineries in the region have become part of "Vintner's Village". This is an attractive complex that holds about a half dozen wineries and another half dozen tasting rooms for wineries that are off the property. Each tasting room is tastefully decorated and all look like I think Tuscan shops would look - the decorators have done a fine job of creating a pleasant ambiance for partaking of the vine. 

I was pleased with my restraint during our wine-tasting venture. I only tasted wines that I really thought I might like to purchase, and although I didn't spit the wine out, I really only had a sip or two of maybe a dozen different wines over two days. 

OK, to be honest, that doesn't include the wine I consumed from bottles we purchased and took back to the camper!!

We did venture out into the country, driving by field after field of grape vines, neatly tied and bearing thick clusters of grapes, fruit trees and hops. Everything was lush and green. It was a pleasant interlude in our journey.

Friends Like Wine - Older the Better


  1. Surely this was the "best part" of your travels! Which white wine did you like and would recommend?


  2. How beautiful! and LOL I bet the wine was wonderful!

  3. Beautiful. I used to enjoy a glass or two. Well, actually a bottle of three LOL. It's been a long, long time, which I must say is a good thing ;)

  4. Great post and beautiful pictures! Those photos are one of the main reasons I have been looking at Vacation rentals in Italy because I have never been but I hear it's breath taking. My sister went and said she had the best time of her life in Tuscany. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  5. I would enjoy this part of your trip!


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