Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gypsy's Journal

Thursday, August 9
I found a cupcake wrapper on an empty campsite. Yum. Dreaming took it away from me. That made me sad.

Friday, August 10
I found a small bone near the fire pit at the campsite. Yum. Dreaming took it away from me and tossed it.

Saturday, August 11
I found the same bone again. Yum. Dreaming took it and threw it in the trash. I was not happy.
We had a long ride in the truck.

Sunday, August 12
I found some old dog food on the ground by our campsite. Yum. Dreaming didn't see that I was eating it until I was almost finished. Yay, me! We had a long ride in the truck.

Monday, August 13
We are at a new campground. It has a play yard with a small A-frame and an agility dog walk. Dreaming feeds me treats if I go over them. Yum.

Tuesday, August 14
Dreaming took us for a walk this morning. I got to smell goose poop. Yum. Dreaming wouldn't let me roll in it or eat it. She is too fussy. We had a long ride in the truck.

Wednesday, August 15
Yummy! I hit the jackpot. Someone spilled something wonderful on the gravel. I licked it. And licked it some more. Dreaming told me to stop. I went back and licked it some more. Yum! I think I like this kind of camping!

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  1. Hi Gypsy..sound like you are on a diet..except during training! :)


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