Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop - Week 23: Olympian

It's time for the Blog Hop again. Wow! This week has flown by. We have been enjoying our visit in McCall, ID. My brother is spending the summer at the campground while his house is being built. He is a few sites away from us. It is rather nice to walk down to have dinner with my brother and his wife. They have been great hosts, showing us around town and sharing their excitement for this area. The weather has been perfect. The dogs have been really good.... well, maybe not always that good - that may be a story for another day! We found a super RV repair center, just a few miles from the campground. They fixed our refrigerator so we no longer have to trip over a cooler as we head in and out of the trailer. We were so impressed with the quality of their service. If you are ever in the McCall, ID area and need repairs to a trailer or RV, please check out Henggeler Home & RV Center.

Well, let's chat! Respond to the questions on your blog and link to this one - or respond in a comment. This week we'll stray away from the normal routine and talk about the Olympics. 

I really like it when you leave a question for us to respond to on your post or comment. It makes the hop almost like a conversation!

Hobby Horse Blog Hop Prompts - Week 23:

1. Have you been watching the Olympics? A little? A lot? 

2. If you could get tickets to any of the venues...what would you be watching?

3. Have you ever met an Olympian... or had a friend of a friend, etc... who was an Olympian? Or known someone who came close to being an Olympian?

My answers:
1. Sadly, I have only watched a little of the TV coverage. I love watching the Olympics but we have been so busy that we haven't had much TV time at all. In fact, tonight is the first night that I've seen more than a few minutes of the Olympics... and I'm loving it!

2. I would be on the cross-country course for the 3-day event. I am in awe of the obstacles that are part of the competition and would love to be there, on the course, to watch the horses and their riders compete. 

3. A friend of my dad's medaled as an Olympic downhill skier in the late 40's. He told us about it... often! My sister was very involved in diving when she was in high school. We took a trip to Arizona so that she could dive for the Olympic coach. She was told that if she would move to Arizona and train under the coach, she might have a chance of becoming an Olympic athlete. She chose not to do so.

So, now it's your turn....


  1. I've been watching many, many of the Olympic events via TV coverage. I especially like gymnastics, swimming, beach volleyball, & diving; hence, these would be the events I'd prefer to see in person. And, I've always like track & field events. While rowing is great to watch on TV, I suspect one can only see a portion of it if attending the event at the venue. Actually, there are only a few events I wouldn't be interested in seeing, e.g. judo. Yes, I am a sports fan!

    I neither know nor have met any Olympic participants; however, that may change in the next 30 years. :-)


  2. I have been watching late at night and early morning.
    There are way to many people for me..but If I have to choose one thing it would be the Equestrian events. I have always liked watching them.
    Nope never met an Olympian..however one of the girls I grew up with married a runner that was in training for the Olympics:)


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