Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch: Wendell Suggests Carrot Cake

Patrice is back with more questions for us to discuss as we sit on the porch and enjoy the summer afternoon. Patrice has flowers on a table. We have really enjoyed seeing the flowers in Oregon - they have been so prolific, so bright and their beauty is truly awesome.

Here are the questions and my answers. You can join the chat by linking your blog to Patrice's page (Everyday Rurality) or by commenting here or there. I'd love to read your responses.

1. What was your biggest fear as a child?
I was afraid of the "Japs". I mean no disrespect to any ethnic group. I wasn't really sure who or what they were, at the time, but I knew they flew in airplanes. Whenever an airplane would fly over and I was out playing, I would run into the woods. I had a plan figured out that if the Japs ever came to my house, I would talk Jap to them and they would think I was not American and I'd be safe. Hmmm... a bit naive, wasn't I? But, I was only 4 or 5. Although this was well after the war my parents must have talked about it enough to cause my fears.

2. Who taught you to cook?
I learned how to cook from my mom. Most of it was just following her example, but even as a young adult I do recall calling her to ask specific questions. The one skill I do recall her actually 'teaching' me was how to tell if a steak is medium-rare while cooking on the grill. To this day my hubby is surprised that I can feel the 'doneness' of steaks.

3. Do you have lots of books in your house?
My kids have lots of books at my house. I have some, but my collection has dwindled with two recent moves. My boys are both avid readers and find it hard to part with their books. I don't mind, since they both enjoy rereading many of their titles.

4. Do you like carrot cake? What kind of frosting do you like best?
I love carrot cake. Yummmmm! I like cream cheese frosting the best. Patrice mentioned a caramel frosting. I've never tried that on carrot cake - but I really like caramel, so maybe I'll need to try my hand and baking a cake and frosting it!

5. What's the last funny T-shirt you read say?
Oh, gosh, I can't remember. Pitiful! I remember reading several shirts just the other day - and I remember enjoying several of the shirts... but, "poof!" that memory is gone!

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  1. I have no recollection of childhood fears. IMHO, this is a "good" thing!

    I am not the cook in my household. However, I can probably cook better than I want folks to believe!

    Yes, I have quite a few books, most of the fiction titles are autographed by the authors. My collection includes some of my favorite college texts and some guidebooks I've bought while traveling. Now that I read most titles on my Nook, I haven't been adding too many books to my shelves. It is amazing to me that some folks do not recognize the recreational & informational value of reading!

    Carrot cake with cream cheese icing is one of my favorites!

    During my recent stay in Rehoboth Beach, I bought Bacot a T-shirt that says "Now aren't I a f***ing ray of sunshine?" For some reason, Dr. Doom does not find this nearly as amusing as I. A couple of years ago while traveling in Alaska, I bought him a T-shirt that says "Size matters" under a picture of a fish. He didn't find this shirt amusing and has refused to wear it. Go figure!



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