Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to School

My teacher friends are going back to school. This prompts mixed emotions. I am thrilled to be retired and doing wonderful things - but I also miss that excitement (and exhaustion) of the first days of school. I loved the anticipation and the promise of a new year. Thinking of 'back to school' brings a plethora of memories, both as a teacher and as a student. I remember dressing in a new outfit, almost always sewn by my mom, for the first day of school. It was usually a plaid jumper. To this day, certain plaids, harken back to fall. I remember the pinched feeling of new shoes crammed on feet that had the luxury of going barefoot all summer. New books... their odor, shiny pages and so much promising information. Ah... new workbooks - can I keep this new one neat and clean, with the cover smooth and uncrumpled? And the smell of crayons, and the beauty in their perfect points....

Do you have special 'back to school' memories?

To all my students and friends... have a fabulous year! 


  1. I worked at UCLA for over 30 years, not as a teacher, but as an administrator and even I miss the beginning of school, the students coming back or being new and excited. It's such a great work environment, I think.

  2. When Labor Day rolls around I have a deep sense of one to send and no place to go. I loved my years at the University..I could have stayed there forever. I miss hearing the young students laugh and horseplay along the sidewalks..I miss the smell of the bookstore..the booky papery newly printed smell.
    I miss sitting in the front row so I wouldn't be distracted by other students. I miss learning new things to keep my old brain happy. I would have made a fine professional student:)

  3. Back to school was always mixed emotions for me; mourning the end of summer and excited and apprehensive about beginning a new year in a new class, meeting new people and teachers; but I always loved getting my new school supplies and having them all nice and new, vowing to always write my neatest in them (that didn't last past the first month!)

  4. For 50+ years, the beginning of a new school year held --- anticipation, wonder, dread, challenge, etc., However, I am soooooo enjoying retirement, that I have absolutely no desire to face the beginning of a new school year!


  5. I love school supplies.

    All of them. Doesn't even matter if I need them or not, I want them in all of their glorious colors. Oh, and the it. New clothes, shoes, supplies - is there anything better? (Well, yes, but we're talking about school, not horses or guns today.)


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